Friday, June 15, 2012

G and T and offspring.

Text message on Tuesday.

T: What are your plans tomorrow?

G: Um, I don't think we have anything going on. Why?

T: Well, I'm thinking of coming down, not positive yet, but thinking...

G: YES!!!!

And just like that, my Wednesday plans, included a hang out session of G and T, and offspring.

It was a sweet sight to see these kids together again. 

And pretty sweet to see this too.

Let me say something here. When I knew we would be moving away, I just knew that my people would eventually wear out coming here. Or at least that was one of my really big fears. I knew 2 hours was totally doable, but honestly, 4 hours driving in a day, with kids, can be VERY wearing. So, anytime anyone makes the effort to come see me, it REALLY means the world to me. It's them saying to me, you are worth the effort.

Okay, sap aside. Back to day at hand.

These kids were in HEAVEN, and played their little hearts out.

Swimming was the top priority, and why not? IT'S A BLAST!

So, we let them play and play.

Even Maggie May was a champ in the water.

Eventually the kids were ready to eat. (well Hope is ALWAYS ready to eat)
And I whipped up a ghetto fabulous lunch. It felt like the old days!!

THIS really felt like the old days right here. The kids riding their bikes till the wheels almost came off.

And it's so cute that Maggie can now join in the fun.

She's so cute! Her little voice and little body, reminds me of a sweet little munchkin!

And I guess it is obvious that I had to move away. Because how else would I have ever met sweet Brittany? 

Who has taken to loving my friends too.

But before we knew it, the day of G and T and offspring was almost over. It was such a great day! Kids getting to be together again, swimming, riding bikes, and just playing their hearts out!

And G and T back together again. 

Doing what we do best.

Understanding out ghetto humor the way we do.

G and T and offspring. Until we meet again...


Jaime Mac said...

Fun day! (You look a tad crazy in the pb&j makin' pic...)

Susie said...

What a fun day!! What special friends you have!!

HilaryFarris said...

So sweet to have such great friends!

The McAfee's said...

That's such a fun day!!!! :)

Cindy said...

It is hard moving away! Old friends are awesome! Glad you all had some fun in the sun!

Jami said...

Love the ghetto fab lunch. I think that's what I miss the most!

Tracey said...

It was a great day!! My kids were in heaven! :) I miss you. <3