Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stalkers for the win.

My weekend was a BIG! An overnight trip with my girlies, and the opportunity to meet a certain someone we've all come to know as grass

But more on that in a minute, first let's back up....

An idea that began months ago, finally came to fruition this weekend. The four of us, kid free for 24 hours taking on Nashville. With only a few certain requirements......Eat good food, take lots of pictures,  have fun and laugh, shop, and meet two awesome ladies.

The whole eating requirement? Never an issue.

Nor is taking lots of pictures. 

I had tons to chose from...

And us having fun and laughing?

Not a problem.

And as far as the shopping?

Well, that's like breathing.

And if you go shopping in Nashville, don't be surprised if you suddenly have a hankerin' for boots and a plaid shirt.
Right Jami?

And behold that Opry Mills mall! Oh, it's splendid! And like a moth to a flame, the Coach store drew in Tracey.
Where there was a looooong drawn out process.
And in typical Tracey fashion, when it comes to the purse process, it was an ordeal.

But glory be, there WAS a purchase.

So, if we are keeping track here, we have eaten, laughed, and shopped, so there is just one MAJOR thing left. 

Sometime after we had made the decision to make a trip to Nashville, Jami took initiative, and just threw a rope out to Katherine, also known to us, as Grass Stains.   And I will be honest, I thought there is no way she will agree to that. In my small little mind, I assumed that Katherine would never want to make a trip to meet up with four people, who had claimed themselves as her "stalkers." 

I found Katherine's blog, through another blog I read.  (Beth, I would totally link you up, if you weren't private. But you get props for reading her first.) I found her writing easy to read, and effortlessly witty. I quickly added her to my blog roll, and then my girls followed suit. We found ourselves calling each other, talking about her posts, and usually laughing about most of them. Then I think it was Tracey that actually labeled us, "her stalkers."

So, Jami invited, and then Katherine agreed. AMAZING. 

Katherine made the trip up, with her good friend Melanie and her baby girl Amelia. Our original plan was to meet them on Saturday for lunch, but when they messaged us they had made it there, and WHERE they were eating, we sought them out. 

I first saw Melanie on the phone outside the restaurant, but decided since she was talking it would be rude to attack her. Instead I walked in and attacked Katherine. Poor woman.

And here we are, shortly after meeting her. 

I had imagined the meeting, for weeks, and right before I walked in, my heart started to pound. Ha! I was nervous it might not go well, or she might think me a crazy lady in my darn hat. But I'm happy to report, the meeting went smooth, and she didn't run away. 

After our brief meeting on Friday night, lunch was still a go for Saturday.  We met up at an awesome Aquarium joint in the mall, and had the opportunity to just sit and talk. It was so nice! Katherine let us pick her brain, and easily opened up to us. It wasn't awkward, and I was just so grateful that she agreed to take a chance on meeting us. 

 I decided I would bring cupcakes for each of the girls, since each one of them has a May birthday! Oh! And let me just say, Melanie, is so SWEET. So easy to be around, and SO easy to talk to. 

And not only did I get to meet Katherine and Melanie, I also had the pleasure to meet and HOLD sweet Amelia.
And check this out! Katherine brought a gift for each one of us! So thoughtful and ADORABLE.

Then, just like that, or so it seemed, it was time for us to go home. Such a fun, fun weekend. Thanks to you Jami, for taking a chance on the invite. Thank you Katherine and Melanie for making the trip up.

So, who says, stalking doesn't pay off? STALKERS FOR THE WIN!


Jami said...

Love! Love! Love!
Such a great and fun weekend. I need to steal some pics. Can't wait for the next one.
I want to wear my plaid shirt and boots everyday!

Jessica said...

I think you all did it all!!! Fun !

Jill said...

Looks like an awesome girls weekend! Full of fun! :)
I'm going to have to check her blog out. . .love the gift she brought you girls! :)

The McAfee's said...

This is just so fun!! We are headed to Nashville in the fall and I am dying for a pair of boots. I am on the lookout!! Ya gotta wear boots in Nashville, right!??!

Susie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! What fun meeting someone else blog that you have been reading!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I LOVED meeting all of you, Gretchen! I know that if we all lived in the same city and had met under real-life circumstances, we would be friends. Mel and I would love to do it again sometime! Look for my post later this week. :)

Jaime Mac said...

Oh my goodness - you gals are so funny!!! Looks like a great time! Glad Grass Stains doesn't scare easy!!
And HOLLA to Tracey for making a purchase at Coach! I realllly hope she posts pics of what she got!

Also-must say I'm LOVING some of the jewelry I see on you gals! (Yea, I notice stuff like that!)

KERRY said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had!! So great you made a couple of new friends from blogging too :)

Tracey said...

Good friends, good time. I think we got some really fun pics!! Already looking forward to our next little 3 month get together. ;)