Monday, June 18, 2012


Second full day in Destin, and we have settled nicely into a vacation routine. Most everything is revolving around play. For all of us.

As I was in the pool today with the kids, I thought about how this is the first time in a long time, that I've been focused on just playing with them. No laundry calling my name, no errands to run, no toilets to scrub. Just time to settle in and, play, play, play. 

I know one of the highlights for the kids, is having their cousins here to play with. And the boys have been so sweet to play over and over with them.

 And seriously, Hope is a fish now! Swimming like a little champ!
And this water/beach thing finally exhausted the kids so much that they slept till 9 this morning! Woot!

We headed back to the beach again, and right away we were greeted by another awesome sand castle. I know they did it on purpose to rub it in. Whateves.
I was determined to get Hope a decent sand castle today, and with the help of daddy we made it happen.
Not too bad, huh?
Pierce wanted to stay back at the pool today, so it was a sweet time just playing and watching Hopie.

Perfect weather, and perfect playmates.

The simple pleasure of watching your kids play ball while the sun sets.

And the pleasure of watching your parents doing what they enjoy.

Another good day, indeed!


Angie said...

Get all the rest and relaxtion you can! Vacations are definitely too short. Glad you are savoring every little moment!!!

Susie said...

Sounds like you all are enjoying the vacation!!

Jaime Mac said...

Another fun day! (Don't be too hard on your dad...if he didn't keep up with all that Mac stuff, how would you know any of it?!) :)

Cindy said...

All these fun beach pics are making me a tad jealous! So glad you all are having such a good time!

Tracey said...

Sweet pics of Hopie! :)
Your parents are SO much like mine!! Minus the fact that my mom bathes in the sun all day. Ha!