Thursday, June 7, 2012

These are my friends.

For 3 nights, I served alongside friends, sharing and loving on some very special people .

Our church does something called BYBC (backyard Bible club) where we invite others to our back yards for games, music and the Gospel. Many families will be hosting their own throughout the summer, but there are also a few of the BYBC where we go to them. 

I've been getting to know some of these people for around 7 months now, but this was still a first for me. I felt out of my element a time or two, but you want to know what helped?

Knowing many of these women. When they saw me coming, they would smile and open their arms to me, they consider me a friend.

Every night, there was a time of worship.

And I had the opportunity to spend time with some women I really admire. Dwan, I'm talking to you!  

Then a time of teaching.

Yeah, out of my element. (Notice most of the kids look either bored, or are looking away.)

Great thing about children though, is they are forgiving.
And kids, no matter their color, or status in life, are all the same.

I'm sure I should have figured this out a long time ago, but my blinders kept me from seeing.

I am blessed to have come to know these women and children. These are my friends.


Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

Beautiful. U Rock!!!

Jaime Mac said...

You really do have the biggest heart. But you're also very funny. I like that...

Cindy said...

Precious!! It is good to be out of our element. Love those kids sweet faces.

Susie said...

That was great!! What fun that sounds!!

Jami said...

such a sweet post. sounds like you belong to an amazing church.

Arthur Family said...

wow. we used to do BYBC's when we lived overseas. What a blessing you are!

The McAfee's said...

That's a neat idea!! You are so sweet!