Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our weekend. Hey, wanna see my toes?

Our weekend, has been SUPER laid back, and spent all at home. But considering where will be next weekend, I think we are all A okay with that. 

I did have a special treat on Saturday though. I cashed in my Mothers Day gift, of a massage, manicure and pedicure. 

I had an idea that I might be there for about 2 hours or so, but 4 hours later I was finished. 

 I was in for a shock when I showed up and they put in a TUB. I was like, "do what?" "Here, get in this tub for 20 minutes." The first ten minutes were lovely. However, once my body temperature reached about 245 degrees, the sweat was running down my head, and my hair was soaked, I was kinda over it. I had to stand up a couple times, because I was sure I might faint, and with no phone or camera, I was ready to bust out. FINALLY my 20 minutes were up, and I came out looking like a drowned rat.

Next was my massage, which I enjoyed, but I always feel bad for the massage person. Like should I talk to them? Are they bored? I finally convinced myself that this was her career choice and I should relax.

And my favorite part of the whole shindig? My pedicure!

I've never had a french tip on my toes done before, and I'm sorta obsessed now. Aren't they cute?

And my fun nail polish! (mom my fingers are starting to look more like yours)

After my 4 hours beautification process, it was home to play with the family. Lots of games.

 And obnoxious pictures of me that Paul thinks are OH SO HILARIOUS.
 Hey! Check out my toes!

We read books.

And I took tons of pictures, well, because that's what I do.


And I think I finally wore them out.

 But have I mentioned I like my toes?

It's been a sweet weekend, just hanging as a family.

Love them to pieces.

And did I mention? Loving my toes.


Jami said...

Did you get your toes done this weekend?

The McAfee's said...

Fun fun day!!! You should have taken a picture of your toes so we could have seen them!!! ;-)

Susie said...

What a fun an relaxing day!!

Hillary said...

What an awesome fun weekend! Oh and I LOVE that shirt you're wearing! :)


Granny G said...

Okay, I'll say it! I LOVE your toes! LOL

ginmommy said...

Hillary! I borrowed it from Brittany! :)


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Love your nails! And who's the adorable little girl? She looks a lot like Tracey ...

Jaime Mac said...

You are a nut! funny, funny post!!!

Uhm, the pic of your toes in front of Rico is EPIC!!!!!

Dan and Denise said...

So funny! I love the toe pictures!