Friday, June 22, 2012

It's our last day here.

Sadly, today is our last day here. 

I'm going to miss the ocean.

Especially watching my family out there, getting whipped around.

And I will miss hanging with Hope on the beach, watching her make sand castles, and just play her heart out.

I'm going to miss us being silly together.

And I will certainly miss all the good food and treats we've eaten.

Mostly, I will miss the quality time I've had with my family.

Just us. No work. Nothing taking us here and there.

 And by gosh, I will miss our squinty eyed photos. We may not win the typical beautiful beach photo award, but this is SO us.


HilaryFarris said...

Great family pics- squinty eyes and all!! ;)

Susie said...

Great pictures!! It is always hard to have the last day of vacation but it is always good to get back home!!

Jami said...

I'm going to miss all the updates. Love your outfit :)

Jaime Mac said...

I know it's been a job keeping the blog updated with your adventures, but I am soooo glad you did! (You will be too when you get home & don't have to mess with worrying about it!)
Have safe travels home!

Angie said...

Soooo jealous
I wanted so bad to get some quality family time at the beach in but it doesn't look like it is gonna happen. Miss Annalee doesn't want us taking a trip without her

Arthur Family said...

It was so fun to follow your week and see all the fun you all had. Have a safe trip home!

Tracey said...

So glad you got to go and have a fun week!! Great family pics! :)

The McAfee's said...

squinty eyes!! GREAT!! :)