Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's pull an old lady and discuss the weather.

So, I think it's quite obvious that it's hot. Like crazy, stupid hot. And you know there is nothing I enjoy more than pulling an old lady, and discussing the weather.  It's a gift I have. 

 But I won't drag out the weather talk.  Instead I will talk about our fun morning. 

There are some fountains downtown, and I thought it might be fun to go let the kids run through them. 

I'm sure most cities have something like these. You know water squirting up out of the ground like so..

 This was at 10 in the morning and it was already 95. SEE! I just can't help myself, I HAVE to talk about the weather.

But as long as you are running through the water, it's all good.

Hope was a little intimidated by these last year.

But as you can see...

This year? Not a problem.

Pierce of course is off like a dash, because he's 7, and doesn't need me anymore. And I don't ever cry about that fact either. Nope, not me. 

And you know what else is fun about these fountain things?

You can make them go different directions and get other people wet.  Oh you know, LIKE YOUR MOTHER. And while I might normally complain about something like that? WHEN IT'S 8748956 DEGREES, I DON'T MIND.

And let me share one last super fun thing about these fountains.



Jessica said...

Love it! I need to get my kids there- we have not done this-shame on me!

HilaryFarris said...

Great pictures and a great way to keep cool!

Susie said...

Wish we had one near by!! What a great way to cool off!!

Terry, Leslie, Noah & Allie said...

Aww, what fun, fun pictures!!!

Jaime Mac said...

Those are great pics! Love your old lady commentary too.

Jami said...

Looks fun! Not that Cooper would even like this, but I wish we had one near us that didn't have gang shootings.

Tracey said...

Super fun! Why don't we have a picture with one of the fountains shooting up your rear? ;)

Jill said...

LOL, Jami Lee! So true! :)
GREAT pics, Gretchen!