Monday, August 20, 2012

An umbro's & pink hot pants kinda date.

Let me tell you a little something about my husband. 

He keeps everything.

Not hoarder material, but the man keeps stuff, fo' sure.

Actually, it's caused many an argument between us, but I've come to accept it. For the most part

 And just the other day, he came across something pretty sweet. Nestled in his old scuba diving gear, he had an outfit he had worn, and I guess just forgot about it and left it in there. FROM 1997. 

I immediately made him try it on.

The shirt still seems doable, right? 

But check out his wicked awesome, UMBRO shorts.  Seriously. I used to have a collection of those too, and I would wear biker shorts under mine. HAWT.

But this made me think....

I actually have one outfit I just never parted with, and thought I would just try it on.

You guys, I have a pair of pants from 1986! My mother bought me these with a matching sweatshirt for Christmas. Probably came from Sycamore.  Please tell me you remember Sycamore! Sycamore, where my mother would put our clothes on lay-a-way for 6 months at a time. 

Check them out!! Missing two buttons, gathered at the ankle, and the band feels like it's about to dry rot. 

And would you please check out my shirt. 

HOLLA. My dingy Bon Jovi t-shirt circa 1989.

Seriously, I'm thinking this calls for a date. An umbro's & pink hot pants kinda date.


Hillary said...

Those clothes are RAD! :)

Even better that everything still fits both of you!


Jami said...

I understand the shirt, but why in H E double hockey sticks the pants?

Susie said...

It's great they still fit!!

Jaime Mac said...

LOVE the umbros! Totally remember those.
Your pants... I'd be super proud I could still fit in them after all those years! Holla at you!

HilaryFarris said...

Like, totally cool, like!! :)

Alicia Mcafee said...

This is fabulous!!!!

the lewis gang said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! yes, spencers! almost as good as dawhares! :) this is just fabulous! love it!

KERRY said...

I dare you to wear the Bon Jovi old school t-shirt out!!! And look at you, the pants still fit! You wouldn't want to see some of the things I thought were fashionable lol