Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indiana Wrap Up

I've decided to just throw my last few items together, from the last 24 hours in the land of milk and honey. I suppose I could split them up, but I've got other fish to fry. So, here we go...

I wanted to get my girlies together for one last play date, so this time we rounded ourselves together at a park, to basically sweat. 

And the kids were pretty smart, instead of playing on the equipment in the direct sun, they found some shaded woods that looked fun. 

I think Melanie's kids are used to this sort of play.

But the rest of our city kids, thought they had landed in the bush.

This was an adventure!

Full of fun things to explore.

And random tree branches that attack innocent children, leaving them petrified.

And while the children were forging through the wilderness, I was busy spending my last hours with my friends...

And lovin' on their sweet babes....

And it was a sweet sight to see Pierce lovin' on sweet baby Aiden...

Even though some of the children may seem less than thrilled, it was a sweet day, making more memories.


That evening we all gathered to go celebrate my dad's birthday, and of course it centered around food. This was our last evening here, and I had some sad little children on my hands. 


And finally the time had arrived, we needed to go home. And doing what we do best, we decided to do lunch together, before I set out. This also happened to be the Chick Fil A appreciation day, and my parents were determined to go. I probably wouldn't have went if it weren't for them, seeing as I support Chick Fil A, ALL THE TIME. Ha! But I was game, and we set out to fight the crowds. 

I think we must have waited about an hour just to get our food, but everyone was cordial about it all, and I kept running into people I know. Like Alicia, Janelle, and Denise! And being that we all be crazy bloggers, we totally understood the need for pictures to document. Ha!

But alas, lunch was finished, goodbyes were said, and it was time.

A fantastic 10 days, and a great end to summer.

But nothing beats this....


Jami said...

Awww... the kids look so happyt o be home with their daddy.

Pierce and Aiden are so cute!!!

Love the picture of Cameron and me. Poor, poor city kid.

What a great week!!!!

Susie said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

Jaime Mac said...

Rico looks thrilled to have you home. ;)

Alicia Mcafee said...

I know it's so good to be home!! I'm glad you got to see me while you were in town!! ;)