Sunday, August 5, 2012

Indeed my little one is growing up.

The countdown to kindergarten is ON! We are in the home stretch, and within a matter of days, both of my children will be full time students. 

Friday night was Hope's open house. A time to meet her teacher, mingle with the other kindergarten students, and get familiar with her new home. 

To say that my dear little one is excited, is an understatement. 

As of now, kindergarten and all it's possibilities, are just thrilling. 

And when she found out she would be getting Pierce's kindergarten teacher, there was much squealing and screams. 

And as if the open house wasn't enough excitement, we were in for a thrill that night. 

Hope's two bottom teeth have been loose for a while now, and after we got home from the open house, she started begging to go ahead and pull it. She was so pumped to think she might get a visit from the tooth fairy. Little did she know the trauma that would be involved. Heck, little did any of us know the drama that would come with it. Pierce has always been easy about losing his teeth, but sass pants, lost it. There was blood, pain, and DRAMA. I honestly, could not keep a straight face, as dramatic as she was carrying on, but I finally got that sucker out. And once it was out, there was screaming and squealing from excitement. 

Seriously? Having a girl, is the biggest roller coaster of emotions in any given day. 

But the rest of the night was thrilling...

So proud of that new hole, and so excited at the possibility of a fairy visiting her in the night. 

And indeed she did pay her a visit. 

And indeed my little one is growing up. 


Brittany said...

oh dear. she is growing up fast! can we put a rock on her head or something?? ;))

Love the ups and downs -- to funny!

Alicia Mcafee said...

ups and downs. Gosh, I am already seeing it and Nora is only 15 months! Good grief! She's so darn cute! :)

Susie said...

How sweet!!! Glad to see that she is excited about Kindergarden!! It makes it so much better for mom!!

the lewis gang said...

hope is adorable! and yes, those gals are FULL of ups and downs. i tell damon that darbi makes me laugh harder than any of our kids, but she also drives me crazier than any of them do! what in the world will puberty be like?!?!?!?!?! good luck, hope!!!

Angie said...

She looks so cute with her missing teeth!!! If you think the drama is bad now just wait till she is 13 like my daughter.The drama is RIDICULOUS!!!

Jessica said...

in the same boat as you this week girl! good luck to us both! Hope looks beautiful.