Sunday, August 19, 2012

Until we snack again.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, with temperatures pleasantly below normal for this time of year, so we decided an outdoor activity was a must. 

We tossed around a few ideas and finally landed on the zoo. 

It had been a while since we made the trip south, so we were all pretty excited. 

And apparently we weren't the only geniuses with the zoo idea, because it was CROWDED. So, we slowly made our way around, and thankfully it looked like the animals were going to grace us with their presence.

I've been to the zoo before when we hardly saw a single animal, but we got lucky yesterday.

The monkey's were bein' all monkeyish and a lot of fun to watch!

And being true to our form, we were only about two exhibits in, and just HAD to stop to do what we do.

Eat a snack.

 I think it had been an hour or so since we had eaten, and we had walked an 1/8th of a mile, so nourishment was necessary.

This gave us time to plan our execution of the zoo...

And enough time for me to realize I gave Hope mis-matched socks. Seriously G?

So, back to the zoo.

We passed this water that was covered in an algae, and Hope excitedly told me how it was covered in an allergy. Tee hee.

Seems like we spent a lot of time indoors looking at stuff.

And do you know what kind of animals are indoors? Yeah, the disgusting kind.

And just as we were headed out to leave, we passed a feeding time for a snake. OMG. I will spare you all the other pictures, but trust me, it was fascinating and creepy.

We left disturbed.

 One simple solution for that.

A snack.

Nothing a bag of popcorn the size of Rhode Island wouldn't fix.

And it seems that the map torch may have been passed yesterday. Pierce has always been the map guy, but yesterday it was all Hope, all day.

And she did a pretty good job getting us where we wanted to go.

Despite the crowds...

And despite the frequent snack breaks....

We managed to see the entire zoo. 

And we even had enough time to squeeze in another snack. I mean it had been all of 20 minutes since we had eaten, and Paul was famished.

Speaking of Paul....

Have I mentioned I love him? Oh yes, I love HIM.  But his shoes?

This is when marriage vows ring true. For better or for WORSE.

Only love can look past his faults. Because as we all know, I'm perfect. And spectacular.  (Surely everyone knows sarcasm is my love language) 

And with that we wrapped up another successful day at the snack bars the zoo! 

Until we snack again....


Tracey said...

Love it!! No wonder we get along so well. :)

Jaime Mac said...

Oh my goodness this was hilarious! From the mis matched socks, to all the snacking & the DISGUSTING pic of that snake. I also love the pic of that white tiger!
Butterfly has those shoes too. They r sooo weird looking but supposedly very comfy. I guess outdoorsie people know about that sorta thing. Us lovers of electricity, running water & indoor plumbing would have no idea.

Jami said...

Okay, so I though your tweet yesterday meant you had on those shoes. I looked them up and thought no way would G wear those. They are hideous! I wasn't going to say anything, I'm glad they are Paul's.

Alicia Mcafee said...

FUN post!! I'm glad you had a great day and that you didn't starve!! :)

Jessica said...

Looks like a great day...but here is my question-how in the world are you all so slender?

Angie said...

How cute, looks like such a great day. Your family sounds like mine. We are forever eating when we take a trip. Oh and Paul's shoes, I agree, that is love. My hubby wanted a pair and I refused to buy them LOL!

Susie said...

What a great day for the zoo!! Looked like you all had fun!!

Brittany said...

SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! I love it! :))))
and his shoes -- yeah, we can't be friends anymore. ha!

the lewis gang said...

you crack me up! you guys and your snacks are awesome!!!!

KERRY said...

You are too funny!! I adored this post and all of it's humour lol
You guys are one fun family for sure :)

Paige said...

So fun! We love the Nashville Zoo!!