Monday, August 13, 2012

It was a win-win kind of night.

You know, we have been to many birthday parties, but as I sat back and thought about it, I realized none of them had ever been a pool party. Unless, we count Levi's 1st birthday party, but I won't because none of the kids jumped in. Ha! So, last night was a fun treat for a couple reasons. 

First, celebrating our friend, and second, a party centered around cake and a pool is always a good idea. 

Big man here is now 5! HOLLA! 

And of course, Britt did it up cute. I tell her all the time, if I didn't love you, I would hate you. She's talented, pretty, and fun. It's ridiculous.

While I would have been content to sit around and eat cake all night, the kids had one thing on their minds. THE DIVING BOARD. 

And guess what?

As addicted as those kids were to jumping off, I was more addicted to taking pictures of it.

Cracks me up seeing them, mid-air.

And momma doesn't even have a fancy schmancy camera. 

One of these days I will. And then I will be even MORE obnoxious, if that's possible.

 Such a fun night!

I enjoyed cake and visiting with friends. Kids enjoyed playing their hearts out. It was a win-win kind of night! 


Jaime Mac said...

I don't know Brittany - so I will hate her for both of us. :) MAN she does some uber cute decorations!
Glad the kiddos had fun on the diving board! FUN!

Jami said...

You got some great pictures. you also have some brave kiddos on your hands.

Tracey said...

Levi would be in heaven with a diving board!!! Glad you had fun...she is awesome. ;)))

Angie said...

How could you not have fun at a party like rhat? I love the diving board pics. I'm like you, I think mid air shots are always fun to take!

Susie said...

What great shots of them diving!!

melanie said...

awww what fun! Corbin is all about jumping in but i am pretty sure he cant make it to the side by hmself yet.

courageous kids! fabulous