Sunday, August 26, 2012

I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

Here's a little back story on Ginmommy. 

I am the youngest of three.

I have a brother, Chris who is 9 years older.

I have a sister, Johanna who is 6 years older.

Then along came Gretchen who developed the nickname Gin. (The nickname ginmommy is not because I consume alcohol on a regular basis.) 

With that kind of age gap, in many ways, it was like being an only child. Jo and Chris were always off playing Star Wars together, while I was busy being the whiny baby of the family. Just ask them, they would LOVE to tell you stories of what a brat I was. 

Whatever, they were punks.

I digress.

So, my sister and I weren't really what one would categorize as close growing up. There were just too many years between us, and we had nothing in common. 

She may have mistaken me for a big whiny baby unfairly and unjustly, and even beat me up on occasion.

And even though I was a legitimate brat who deserved to be smacked around, we eventually outgrew all that, and actually started to like each other.

A lot.

And once she gave birth to Cody, it was a whole new world.

I would spend hours at her house. We would hang out all.the.time. Eating weird snacks, taking the baby out to run errands, getting 18 vanilla cokes a week, and reminiscing as only siblings can do. THOSE were some sweet times.

And one of the best things about our relationship? We virtually have the same sense of humor, and keep each other in STITCHES.

And here we are today. Things have changed. Her life has taken different turns, and my life has taken me to B.G.

We can't see each other everyday anymore, now we must settle for occasionally. 

With her work schedule it's been very difficult for her to come down here, but Friday night she finally had the opportunity to come see us. And THAT made me very happy. 

And she came in style no less, sportin' her new ride.

Representin' her Louisville Cards too! Woot!

She drove down to see us after working a full week and was totally worn out, so there was only one sensible solution. Time to rent our very favorite movie. We had to go rent this movie because the only copy I have of it, is on VHS. Crazy.

I wasn't sure we would be able to find it, since it's 14 years old, but lo' and behold there she was in all her glory... 

We snuggled in so we could quote our favorite lines over and over....

I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address

 And see that's the thing about a close sibling relationship.

You may have beaten each other up at one time in your lives.

But you get it.

You know the back story.

You've got the stories, the songs, the movies, the styles.

You have the history.

You were both there in the beginning, and you've got it till the end.

Don't cry shopgirl. Don't cry. 


Susie said...

It is strange how we grow up to be closer to our siblings than what we were when we were little!!

Tracey said...

So incredibly sweet. I'm really glad Jo was able to come visit. Does the heart good...for both of you!

Jami said...

Sweetness! Love that you two could spend some time together. I had no idea that was your favorite movie. I Iove Meg Ryan's character.

Jill said...

LOVE that movie. It is a fave! Yea for sister time!

Alicia Mcafee said...

That's a sweet post!! so glad you have each other!

Jaime Mac said...

So fun! You DO have a major age difference...I would love to hear some of Jo's stories about you.
(And YES I'M the one who thought your nickname had to do with alcohol...who knew?!)