Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goodbye summer.

I think it was yesterday that our summer started?

But somehow we're at the end? 

I guess I must have blinked. 

The heat may remain for a while, but tomorrow I will officially say goodbye to summer.

And what a great summer it has been....

Having the chance to meet Katherine.

I mean honestly, who would have thought she would be willing to take a chance on meeting some crazy stalkers? And thankfully she did, along with her sweet friend Melanie. And I think she even still sort of likes us. Score!

Having this girl right here as a sidekick this summer.

Last summer it was lonely here, but thankfully I've found someone who doesn't seem to mind spending time with me.

And what about the visits from my Indiana girls?

Yeah, that makes for a great summer.

Having 10 solid days at home.

Experiencing crazy things.

Yeah, that makes for a great summer too.

Watching your kids make new friends.

And coming to love these friends dearly.

Or watching your kids spend time with kids they've known their entire lives...

Seeing how they've grown up together....

Yeah, that makes for a great summer too. 

OR experiencing your first family vacation in 16 years.

Having a solid 7 days together.

A week that flew by...

A week that  I am so grateful to have had.

And the extra time I got to spend with my sister, who I miss..... yeah, that makes for a great summer too.

The sweet time that we had to connect with our Burmese friends.

Watching my kids, reach out to them and show them love.

Yeah, that makes for a great summer.

If I haven't said it enough...

We've had a great one.

My heart is full tonight, and the tears will come tomorrow. 

Goodbye summer.


Jessica said...

How can it be over sooooo fast??? I'm glad you aren't sad tonight..I sure am. Maybe there's hope for me tomorrow?!

Jami said...

Okay, I'm gonna cry now. Super sweet post! It was a FANTASTIC summer!

melanie said...

I'm not ready to say summers over (with my high pitched addie whine)!!!

But there will be tears tomorrow. First day of kindergarden

loved your post

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Very honored to have been listed as a happy moment in your Summer! Mel and I LOVED meeting you, and I feel blessed to have connected with all of you "stalkers"! We really do need to make it an annual trip ... next year Jamie wants to come, too!

Susie said...

I know what you you mean the summer did go by fast! Glad it was a good one for you!!

Angie said...

Our summer flew by too!
Glad you all had such a wonderful summer. Now it's on to the next chapter :)

Alicia Mcafee said...

VERY sad summer is over! Great post!

Tracey said...

It was a whirlwind of a summer. :( But, I'm glad I got to see you so much. Here's to more time together!! :)))

KERRY said...

Look at that white sand!!!! Ahh you and your friends always take the nicest pictures, you are very photogenic Gretchen :)
Cute kiddo's, love the pic of your daughter jumping into the pool :)