Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Oreos.

Last night was the the much anticipated, FIRST BASEBALL GAME! 

We loaded up the car and headed to the ball field, and of course I was unsure of where I was going. Which stressed Pierce to no end, but I eventually found the park and we started to frantically look for his team...

G: "Pierce I think this it, oh yes, this is it. Shew."

P: "Mom, I don't see my team. Where are the Oreos?"

G: "The what?"

P: "The Oreos. You know my team!"

G: "Oh! Yes, the Orioles, buddy."

(Of course, The Oreos is a WAY better team name in my opinion)

At this point, he was ready to just GO, but I couldn't have that. A picture was a must. 

And once we found the rest of the Oreos  Orioles, he was BEYOND excited.

And THEN to top off the excitement, he ran into an old buddy. They go way back, you know all the way back to 1st grade! And let me just say, it was one of the sweetest things to watch these kids hug each other in excitement when they saw each other. 

Have I mentioned it was raining? Oh yeah, it was RAINING. THAT was fun. 

I might have kind of asked a few times, "SO, they cancel for rain, right?" 


Hope and I just huddled under the umbrella and attempted to make the most of it.

Besides the grassy feet that annoyed me, I was frustrated by how difficult it was to hold and umbrella, take pictures, text, and tweet.

But I gave it my all. 

Unfortunately my camera could not capture Pierce playing in the field very well, so I just had to settle for some warm up picks. 

You want an already dramatic woman to act up? Watch her when her son gets up to bat. I did my best to capture it on camera, but let me show you what happens.

Your son gets a hit, and you jump up and down and scream whilst taking the picture, and then it turns out badly. 

Maybe by the next game, I will calm down and get better pictures for memories sake. 

But overall, despite the rain, first game went really well. Pierce had a great time, played great and cannot wait for the next game with his OREOS!!


Susie said...

To funny about the team Oreo!! I know it stinks when they even play in the rain!!

Jaime Mac said...

#1- EXTREMELY disappointed to read this was NOT about cookies.

#2-Pierce is sooo cute in his uniform

#3-Pics of grassy feet = classic.

#4-Screaming like a banshee whilst your son runs = hilarious.

#5-I think you look super cute in glasses!

Jami said...

Dang, it was raining wasn't it? Yes, you do look super cute in glasses.

Tracey said...

Man, I wish I had some milk & cookies.
You need a nanny to hold all your stuff and your only focus would be to take pictures.

Jill said...

The Oreos. LOVE IT! You look adorable in your glasses! :)

Jessica said...

Fun times! Love "the oreos". When Sydney scores in soccer, she still says she got a "gold". :)