Thursday, August 9, 2012

First day of school.

So, today was the big day! 


Pierce of course, was up at 6:30 no problem, because he's insane when it comes to sleep, but I had to wake up Hope.  But she bounced right out of that bed, and was ready to take on the day. 

I did most of my crying the night before when I put them to bed, and felt pretty strong this morning. The tears for me come from two places, 1) Giving up control and letting someone else be in charge of your child 2) Simply missing them

Will I do just fine? Of course. Will I maybe even enjoy it? Probably. But I have to learn a new normal for our family, and frankly it stinks. 

Pierce isn't throwing deuces, or the peace sign, this means a big 2nd grader!

And don't you like my ghetto kindergarten sign?

Anticipation was at a fever pitch at this point!

But it was time, time to say goodbye!

 Praying for a GREAT year!!


Jaime Mac said...

I'm so glad everyone had a great day! Love all the cute pics!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

Cutie pies

Susie said...

Glad everything went great for the first day!! I know it must of been hard for you I know it was for me and it will again when my grandkids leaves me all day!!

Jami said...

I love your ghetto sign.

Giving up control... yes such a big fear. They are both such beautiful kids.

pambush said...

I meant to call on this BIG day, but got side tracked with the arrival of Rhonda's family. Sorry! You've been in my thoughts all week. I cried when Rhonda and Paul went off to school for the first time. Rhonda had to be pried away from me. Paul? I had to chase him down to get him to say goodbye! :)

melanie said...

Wow, Pierce's big blue eyes. Still so tender and sweet at his big old bad second grade self.

hope is so precious, cuteness and excitement written all over her.

Alicia Mcafee said...

It WILL be a great year! The new normal is hard! They are so cute!

Tracey said...

{{I'm commenting!!}}
Really cute pics of the kids. :) Frankly, I don't really like it that the kids are growing up this fast. Sigh...