Friday, August 17, 2012

Good things.

Yesterday's post was reflective of my mood. SAD. And I don't think I want to leave that post hanging around all sad and lonely. I want to fill the page with happy times now. 

And I've indeed had some happiness this week. 

I shall share.

The opportunity to meet and hang with Cephas and Biba, who are here from Africa. This is the first time they have ever been to America.  Can you imagine what they must thinking? (Probably, spoiled crazy Americans.) 

I'm sure Brittany will be blogging all about their adventures at some point. But it was a GREAT pleasure to meet them, and a definite good part of my week.

These Triscuits right here, as bad as they might be for me, they have been a GOOD part of my week.

Coming home on the day I was super sad, to find a surprise from Rico? Very good.

And ending our week on a relatively happy note, with a very happy child. 

The best.


Brittany said...

Love the C and B pics!!

and could Hope get any cuter, really?!?

and Go RICO! Def points in my book - cuz that all that matters:) my book! ha

Jami said...

Paul got some bonus points! Here's to a great weekend!

Susie said...

Way to go Rico!!

Tracey said...

Yes, I'm sure they were thinking Americans are crazy spoiled. Sad, really!!

Way to go, Paul. One more nice thing to make me like him a little more. ;)

Hope...seriously ridiculous.

Jaime Mac said...

I'm glad the week ended on a positive (or several positive) notes! :)