Thursday, October 25, 2012

School updates

We finally received Pierce's professional team photos, and I must say, he's a cutie pants. 

We also, had our parent-teacher conference the other night, and for remembrance sake, I wanted to jot a few things down.

Pierce is still excelling in math, and considered above average, which tickles me to no end, because math and I are not friends. As far as reading/spelling, he's right on track. (I was a little concerned, but she assured me that he is where he should be) And behavior wise, he's awesome. Teacher said she can always ask him to do things for her, because she knows he will do what's asked of him.

After we finished with Pierce's teacher, it was time to see how our Hopie is doing.

They did some type of 'STAR Early Literacy' test, and Hope tested in the 80th percentile rank, which is great! In every other area she got Satisfactory marks. There were no bad marks for behavior, and her teacher said she's an excellent little girl.

There are times, I want to ring their little necks, but I know that they are great children, and I am SO proud of them both.


Jessica said...

Way to go for both your babes! So fun to see them excelling at school.

Susie said...

Great job!!

Jami said...

They are precious! Kudos to you too mom & dad.

Tracey said...

Ahh, don't you just love good reports?!!

melanie said...

yes that star grading scale is pretty intimidating. Corbin had satisfactory marks as well. I am thrilled that he likes school.