Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday! Chubby child edition.

I am sad to report, that after looking through my old pictures, I only came across one that featured me chubby.

After sharing with the class that I was an overweight child, (for a few years) I thought I would show everyone. 

And this picture is not at my peak.

But here I am. 

Check out how sweetly I'm admiring my sister! ADORATION, I'd say. 

I'm sure Jo will appreciate me posing this picture of her, but she'll live.  (HI SISTER) She was dressed up for school spirit week, I think she was supposed to be from the 1950's. 

ANYWAYS, that's me and Jo! And now that I look back, I think I'm cute.  

And BTW, if you deal with weight, or have a child that does, I hope in no way I'm coming across like that matters or I look down on you. 

Being an overweight child, and being made fun of, ROYALLY SUCKS. I went through all of that junk, and it hurt.

I'm simply showing you PARTS of my life.

That's blogging, right?


Jami said...

I think you were, and still are, beautiful!

Susie said...

I agree with Jami!!

Kerry said...

Hehe you were cute though in all your chubbiness lol I was even bigger than that for about 3 years and then for some reason the weight just fell off. Many called it puppy fat whatever that meant :) I by no means think you are incinuating anything else and this is your blog anyhow xoxo

Jaime Mac said...

I don't really even recognize you in the pic. Isn't it funny how we all change as we grow up?