Wednesday, October 3, 2012

50 facts about G.

In an effort to think of something to blog about, I decided to do a "get to know me" thingy.

I've seen other people do these sort of things, and I personally enjoy them.

My parents might be the only ones who sit through this, but I'm being vulnerable and laying it out there. One night in bed, I jotted these down on my iPhone.

So here goes....

1) I have crooked pinky fingers.  I inherited this trait from my dad, and my daughter inherited it from me. If I'm ever involved in a crime, I would imagine my pinky fingers would be used to identify me.

2) I was a fat kid. For realsie. One day when I'm feeling bold, I'll post a picture.

3) One summer I grew from 4'11 to 5'5. That helped with the chubs issue.

4) One time I streaked the neighborhood.  Like butt naked, with a towel as my cape, yelling "I'm Superman!" Thankfully this was before I was a fattie.

5) I used to snore like a 350 pound man. Just ask my sister.

6) As a child I had mono so bad, I had to be hospitalized. This resulted in the removal of my tonsils and adenoids. My mom says after that was the first time I ever really tasted food, and thus why I got fat.

7) My senior year of high school, I got the English award. I really think that decision was based on the fact I mastered Beowulf.

8) I'm so bad at math it's embarrassing.

9) I think the left side of my brain never developed, because I'm a right brained person in almost every sense.

10) In high school I was in dance, band, drama, and choir.

11) In high school I was suspended for drinking alcohol at a party.

12) I have a natural ability to dance. If I could make a living at it, that didn't involve a pole, I'd be in.

13) I have zero athletic ability.

14) I really enjoy getting the mail. You just never know what might be there waiting for you!

15) Other than faith, Paul and I are complete opposites.

16) When Paul watches those animal shows, you know the ones that show them in their environment? I scream and yell the entire time. I hate to watch one animal kill another.

17) I loathe scary movies.

18) I hate being alone at night.

19) I'm very sensitive and cry easily.

20) I've had one body piercing and one tattoo.

21) I sleep with a fan on every night, and travel with my box fan.

22) I love getting to know people. I ask lots of questions and am intrigued by their stories.

23) I can walk into almost any room/situation and find my fit. I'm not shy and can usually have fun anywhere and with anyone.

24) But please don't ask me to speak publicly. Then I'm shy.

25) I feed off others energy.

26) I'm not a natural leader.

27) I'm sure that one of the things that attracted me to Paul, was his leadership qualities.

28)  And I rely heavily on said leadership.

29) I really want people to like me.

30) But as I'm getting older, I'm coming to terms that not everyone will like me, and I will let people down.

31) I have never broken a bone.

32) My idea of hell? Living somewhere with no change of season.

33) Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year.

34) I'm obsessed with Christmas.

35) I would DIE without music.

36) I enjoy Oprah.  And I receive a lot of flack about that.

37) I love photography and REALLY want a fancy-schmany camera.

38) I love, love, love, older homes.

39) I think it would be cool to be Celine Dion. Not to be married to her 800 year old husband, but to command a stage like that.

40) I think beer is disgusting.

41) I have an issue with diet coke. I'm sure it's giving me brain lesions, but I cannot quit it.

42) Flying really scares me. When I do fly, I take some happy pills, that way if I crash I won't care.

43) It drives me nuts I can't see who is reading my blog. Do I have secret stalkers?

44) I hate change.

45) I abhor awkward moments.

46) If I ever had twins, I would name them Sam and Lucy.

47) Now that I'm on # 47 of this thing,  I'm feeling very narcissistic.

48) I thrive on sarcasm. THAT is my humor.

49) Hi mom and dad.

50) FINALLY finished.


Jaime Mac said...

Oh I read all 50. THIS was an epic blog post. EPIC. This stuff cracks me up. My favs are #11, #12, #20 (& now you are required to tell us what & WHERE!), #30, #36 (you SHOULD catch flack for that. She's awful!), #37, #39 (word.), #42 & #48 (AMEN!).
Really enjoyed this.

HilaryFarris said...

I love this! It's been fun getting to know you through your blog and twitter, and I'm glad to get to know you better with this post. Which, by the way, had me laughing! Thanks for sharing!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Thanks for sharing. You and I are alike in some ways and in other ways, no way! Love getting to know others too! :)

Susie said...

It is great getting to know you better!!

The Utley Crew said...

I guess I am a 'secret' stalker! So, let me introduce name is Andrea. I went to high school with Alicia and Jaime. I just recently saw your blog from theirs, and I love your stories...crack me up! I, too, love to dance and love to meet new people! :) I can talk to anyone about anything...we would probably have a great time together! ha! I live 4hrs away from home but if I am ever home visiting my family when you all have one of the blog get togethers, I will be there in a heart beat! :) And, your kiddos are adorable...beautiful family! Feel free to stalk my blog, as well. But, don't get too excited...I have fallen WAY behind and I have about 6mo of catching up to do! :( Bad blogger, I know!

Hillary said...

#43 made me laugh! Do you ever look at just how many people read your blog everyday and then compare that to how many "followers" you have and just go "WHAT THE HECK!". If you are going to read then go ahead and click that button to follow fools! HA! :). Also, never move to south Texas. We usually only have 1 season. Hot.


Jami said...

Sam and Lucy? I didn't know that. Lucy has two syllables you know!
I love this, may have to steal it.

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

I am one of your stalkers too. I love yor blog! It always makes me laugh. You are soooo funny! Feel free to stop by and take a look at my blog. I haven't updated in a couple of weeks and I am a 15 year old girl, so I'm not that interesting!

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

I am one of your stalkers too. I love yor blog! It always makes me laugh. You are soooo funny! Feel free to stop by and take a look at my blog. I haven't updated in a couple of weeks and I am a 15 year old girl, so I'm not that interesting!

Kerry said...

I loved all 50 of these facts about you!! You and I would get along great IRL and I honestly mean that. So much of what you wrote I am the exact same! Maybe we are long lost sisters or something, I was always convinced I couldn't possibly have come from my family lol