Monday, October 1, 2012

Two years.


It was two years ago that I heard Paul mention the words, "new job" and "Bowling Green."

It was two years ago that I wondered what Bowling Green was and envisioned the banjos from Deliverance.

It was two years ago that the possibility quickly turned into reality.

It was two years ago that I was crying everyday thinking of leaving all I had ever known.

It was two years ago that our closest friends and family loaded us up, and we traveled an unfamiliar stretch of road to a new home I had literally never seen.

It was two years ago as I watched my best friend and sister drive away from me.

It was two years ago that I opened my eyes and didn't know where I was.

It was two years ago that we had no church home, no school for the kids, and no friends.


In two years, I have come to understand that in Bowling Green people do have teeth and there are no banjos playing here.

In two years, uncountable tears have fallen, but NOW they are rare.

In two years, I've come to know this place called Bowling Green, and actually like it.

In two years, I have travelled this stretch of road countless times and am grateful that it takes me home. Both ways.

In two years, we have found a church home. A great school for the kids. And I've made LOTS of friends.

In TWO YEARS I've learned many valuable lessons......

Friendships will only strengthen.

Blogging will come to mean more.

You will get lost countless times.

You will be a lone Hoosier surrounded by Wildcat fans.

Suddenly you will feel 14 again, trying to fit in with a new group.

Your husband will show you great empathy at your pain.

You will watch your kids bloom where they are planted.

And one day you will fully understand that God will take you unexpected places, and as long as you are with your husband and children, YOU ARE HOME.

Thankful for these TWO YEARS. 


Jami said...

Seriously!!! I want to get in the car and drive down there right now!!!

God's blessings come in some great disguises, don't they? I have to believe this was in fact a blessing. Your are right, somehow friendships were stregnthend, God works in great ways!

Arthur Family said...

Wow...I can't believe it's been two years. Thank you for your post! God can use you anywhere!

Susie said...

So glad that you was able to get comfortable there!! One good thing is is in driving distance!!

Lynne and Nick said...

That is such a sweet post (btw, I'm friends with I read your blog from her page :)). I moved my son & I from our Pittsburgh, PA home to New Albany, IN almost 7 years ago. All of our family is in PA, but we moved for my job opportunity - and we have been so blessed to have found a great church (Northside), great schools, and good friends!

Jaime Mac said...

Does NOT seem like 2 years. You're a tough cookie & I'm thankful you have survived! :)