Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Being an aunt is bliss

At the tender age of 10, I became an aunt for the first time, to a sweet little boy, named Christopher John. 

And as a child who was obsessed with babies, you can only imagine how excited I was at the idea of having a baby around.  Bliss.

And I think that's the word that best describes being an aunt. Yes, being an aunt is bliss. 

And here he is now. A grown man, with a gown man job, and even a wife. 

But in my mind, THIS is Christopher John.

And as Christopher grew and turned 10 years old, I became an aunt again.

This time to a sweet baby boy, Cody Thomas.

Bliss again.

And just when I felt blissed out, I became an aunt for the third time.

 Adorable, Nathan Corey.


And I am sure, that these two boys are still this size, and I am also sure that if I swing by Jo's they will be watching Barney, and playing ball.


Well, someone needs to back the growing train up, because would you PLEASE look at this one named Cody Thomas.

You guys, he's a senior.


And he's tall, and plays ball, and has a girlfriend, and facial hair.  I'm telling you, it's gotten out of hand.

And Nathan, please explain to me what this is?

Why is your voice deep now, and you look like a young man?  Nathan, the buck stops at you, NO MORE growing up.

I know my sister's wheels are spinning when she sees these pictures of her boys, and knowing that this one is close to heading away to college.

WELL, Christopher, Cody and Nathan, I've got some news for you guys, so listen up. I'm going to continue to remember you guys as I see fit!  No matter if you are married, headed to college, or talking in weird, deep man voices, I will always remember you as my little, sweet baby nephews.

Yes, my little, sweet baby nephews.



Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

But, but, your hair is so ... SMALL in that last picture! What happened??? ;)

Jaime Mac said...

HAHAHA @ Katherine! Funny!!!

You, my friend, have issues... (but I enjoy reading & laughing about said issues!) :)

Handsome boys Jo has there!

Jessica said...

You want to know what is real depressing? That will be our boys and girls so soon.. :( Gotta ask...why in the world are you wearing that Kentucky shirt?

ginmommy said...

Jessica, no worries, it's just a Derby shirt.

Alicia Mcafee said...

They are some handsome guys!! I did the same thing when my nephew went to college this fall. CRAZY!!

Jami said...

You do have some handsome nephews. How lucky is Hope to the lone girl..fits her perfectly.
Btw- are you wearing any shorts in that last picture?

ginmommy said...

Yes, James! I had on a pair of shorts, under that long t-shirt!

Kerry said...

I was just talking to a friend of mine tonight about how quickly our kids have grown up and how tall the boys have all gotten over the course of a year!! You seem like a sweet Auntie, those boys must adore you :)