Monday, October 29, 2012

The Monster Dash

Saturday, as I already talked about, was VERY laid back, with us staying in almost the entire day. And Paul was also gone almost all day, working and junk. For the most part, a good day, but the boredom was starting to set in that evening. Thankfully, we had something fun in store.

Brittany, had told me about something called 'The Monster Dash' last week, and I knew we would be down for that.  A chance for the kids to warm up their Halloween muscles,  and for us to support our friends who are adopting.  And maybe, most importantly, a chance for me to steal candy from my children. 

As I've learned in my years of parenting, don't tell your children of impending fun until the last minute, as to not be worn out with questions, or in case something falls through. SO, when I spread the news of cheer to the offspring, they were PUMPED. 

I think I told the kids about 2 hours before we had to leave, and Hope immediately had to get in her cat attire. 

A cat.

All of her own idea.

I must have thrown a million different ideas at her, but she always went back to a black cat. So, a cat it was!

And being that this is the year of the Transformer, this of course, was a no-brainer. (Check him out smiling behind his mask. HA!)

And as with all masked costumes, the mask only makes it for an hour max. 

Cute, right?

So, we loaded up, and headed on down to support our peeps, and freeze off our bits. 

We got there early, per everyone's advice, and thankfully we had buddies to hang with.

Because my kids were wear-ing me out, asking "when can we go??"

And nearly two hours later, it was almost time to finally get going.

First the 5k runners had to get a head start. Running in the cold, and dark. Oy. 

And then FINALLY we could get going.

I tagged along with a group, and the kids gathered up their goods.

At one point they had us traipsing through the woods, and I'm not gonna lie, it was a little scurry! I tried to capture the moment, but as with all point and click cameras, all I got was a bunch of orbs. Annoying.

But we finally made it through, and frozen bits and all, we had such a fun time! 

Now we are on the countdown for the real deal Wednesday night!


Tracey said...

Sooo presh!! That's what Levi and Mags were last year. :))

Jami said...

That looks fun! I too like to keep fun things a secret for as long as possible.

Jessica said...

That is really cool Gretchen. SOunds like a lot of fun.

Kerry said...

I hope there was no muddy rivers along that scary walk!!
How adorable are those costumes, your daughter is totally rocking that cat outfit, so cute!!
Have fun on Wednesday night :)

Susie said...

Cute outfits!! Sounds like fun!!

the lewis gang said...

hope's pose...oh my!!! you got your hands full there! :)