Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday!

It's Friday, which can only mean one thing!

Ahhhh yeah!

FLAAAAASHBACK FRIIIIIDAAAAAY. (Still said in my best game-show voice)

Today, I thought we would look back at some Christmas scenes from my youth. 

Like this one of three excited children, on Christmas Eve. What I really enjoy about this picture, is my brother's old man slippers, and my footed pajamas, which inevitably, always made my feet sweat. 

I'm sure these pajamas also made my feet sweat, but who cares! I had a a bendable Bugs Bunny in my stocking! HOLLA.

And here's a little fact about Christmas past.

Santa was never happy. 

But I think this Santa was just too busy pondering my farm scene on my overalls, and simply forgot to smile.

I think my dad lost his camera for a few years, because many years seem to be missing.

But no worries, I made up for it, by showing up in a, STUFF MY STOCKING shirt?

Um, really?

And also, I've got a turtleneck under it, and white stockings?

And the side-ponytail is the icing on it all.

But by far, one of my favorites I found, was this one. I'm guessing I'm about 15? And I have a giant teddy bear? And do you see what's sitting next to me?

Four L'eggs eggs.

A giant teddy bear, and pantyhose. You guys! I got a giant teddy bear, and pantyhose for Christmas!

And I'm betting those pantyhose were a lovely brown hue.

And lastly in my latest edition of FLAAASHBACK FRIIIIIDAAAAY, check out a very tiny Rico being all cute in front of his rockin' tree.

I'm already contemplating next weeks edition.....

I'm enjoying this WAY too much.


Jaime Mac said...

I have Christmas pics to do sometime too!

A few things: Love the pic of Jesus on the fire place. That is the SAME pic we used to have at church.

L'eggs eggs? I don't remember getting any for Christmas, but I used to wear those. Of COURSE in that lovely shade of brown.

If anyone thinks Pierce doesn't look JUST.LIKE.RICO you need to have your head examined. Seriously.

Hillary said...

I just love that you and that bear seem to somehow be strangely matching... bwhahahaha!

Happy Friday!


Jami said...

I agree with Jaime Mac- LOVE the Jesus picture!!! That is some classic old school Jesus.

Seriously... that is a Pierce!!!

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

Oh my goodness! Pierce looks just like Paul!

Tracey said...

Stuff my stocking? Oy! ;)

I think I have the same exact bear, only I got Aqua Net instead of L'Eggs. Ha!! Love it!

Paul, Pierce, hello twins!