Saturday, October 27, 2012

Any given Saturday.

Any given Saturday at our house, you will find two little ones up way too early, sitting on the couch watching cartoons, and patiently waiting on momma to get out of bed. 

 And you will most definitely find said momma, once she drags her booty out of bed, enjoying early morning snuggles.

And you will probably also find said momma, in the kitchen making the kids a big ol' pancake breakfast.

 Any given Saturday, you will find the children taking extra long, play-filled baths.

And playing and enjoying each others company, what seems like more than normal.

And you will most definitely find this young one, surrounded by her beloved books. 

Any given Saturday, you will find us running our errands,

And me representing my Hoosiers.

Any given Saturday, you might find fun picnics on the floor while watching movies. 

And quick naps snuck in. 

And me stopping to enjoy my afternoon cup of coffee.

And any given Saturday, you WILL find me, enjoying my kids to pieces.
Such a Saturday, as today.


Jessica said...

The best days, no doubt!

Tracey said...

Love, love it! Only needs "and any given Saturday, I get to see my bff..." ;)

Susie said...

What a relaxing and fun day!!

Jami said...

You just made your day sound like a Hallmark movie :)

Jill said...

Love days like that! :)