Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When you decide to get adventurous, you may not want to video it.

Last week was fall break, and considering Pierce was sick for most of it, it was kind of a bummer. 

By Thursday we were all a little bored, and the kids kept asking me to PLEASEEEE take them on a hike/picnic. 

Picnic? Not a problem. 

HIKE? Slight problem.

I can get lost in my house.

 PLUS the fact that I'm what one might refer to as, NON-OUTDOORSY. 

So, I asked Paul, "where can I take the kids hiking that I won't get lost?"

Once he recovered from laughing, he sent me somewhere safe. 

But I was still nervous....

But it was a gorgeous day, and I was out to prove to myself  the kids, that I could do it.

It was all decorated up for fall....

All three of us were EX-CITED!

And as we set out, I knew we would be fine. 

As much as I could spend all my waking hours at the mall, there is NOTHING like this. 

The kids were SO happy!!

And we didn't know that there would be cute decorations everywhere.

Everytime we turned around...

There was another Halloween decoration.

And their dad should be proud, because they are hiking pros!

One time Hope looked at me and said, "could you be any slower mom?"

They kept me on my toes, and even on the correct paths.

 And I was content to stay ON THE PATH, but there were these two children who kept pushing me. They wanted to veer off the path and do fun things, like you know, jump over creeks.

For Pierce? Not a problem.

He was jumping things left and right.

But Hope is still a little nervous. 

At this point, I decided I would video for a bit, and I was happy that I captured Hope jumping the creek! BIG STUFF! 

Maybe you heard towards the end of the video, Pierce asking me to jump it too? 

Well, he did. OVER and OVER he asked me to jump.

So, I finally did it. 

And in the midst of the jump, I somehow started to record again. Imagine my delight when I got home and watched this...

I didn't video the entire fall, but FALL I did. 

Into a creek.

Full of mud. 

I was shaken up and only got a pic of my muddy hand, but this is what my entire body looked like.


I fell into a creek.

At this point I was ready to head back, but not before Pierce managed to fall in too!

We were a mess!

But you know what? It was a blast! And I am so glad that I was open to doing something that is 'not me' for the sake of the kids.

It was a great day!


Hillary said...

I have to admit that I'm a non outdoorsy momma also and I totally had to laugh at you when I saw the first picture that said where y'all were and the first word said "Lost". I might have died laughing.

Love all the sweet pictures of you and the kiddos. You falling in will seriously be a treasured memory that they carry. It will be one of those wonderful stories that they tell their wives and kids about how fun their mom was!


Jaime Mac said...

UHM that video is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Like seriously-I'm laughing out loud. From you begging them to not leave you in the woods to die to you screeching, 'PIERCE!' over something he said or did that I couldn't make out.
Yea, yea I'm glad you're alive & all that, BUT I'm also glad you are SHAMELESS!
What fun day for us, ER-I mean you guys...

Susie said...

Great pictures!! I can't believe they were standing by laughing at you!! To funny!! Proud of you though for going out of your comfort zone!!

Granny G said...

Bahahahahahahha! I love it! I am laughing out loud! I am always falling down! Too cute!

Jami said...

This is so awesome! Your kids left you to die in the woods. Hilarous!! Yes, they will remember this for years to come.

Alicia Mcafee said...

ha ha ha ha! I can't believe you fell in!! Sorry. BUT I am still laughing!! :) :)

Jessica said...

Well mud or no mud, I think you're an awesome mom:)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

That video is the best thing I've ever enjoyed on your blog. Hilar!!

Kerry said...

Oh you are such an awesome mum for doing this for your kids, even falling into a creek full of mud for them shows your dedication and willingness to have some outdoorsy fun!! Such beautiful pictures and another post that made me smile (hehehe)