Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 months to go! I'm like a skilled hair athlete now.

When this whole hair situation started a mere 9 months ago, I was determined. 

In the nine months since, my determination has wavered a time or two, but I've stuck to it, and not cut the hair.  (If only, I could stick to a diet with such determination) 

And now, when I head in to the bathroom to do my hair, I prepare for the work. 

I have a LOT of hair. 

It's thick, and sort of wavy, and then sort of straight. It's weird. 

If I decide to go with the wavy look, it takes much longer to dry. So, I settle in for the time and effort it takes. 

I consider myself a hair athlete now. 

I've always wanted to be an athlete, and this is close as I will ever get.

A skilled hair athlete.

With color stains on her t-shirt.

YOU GUYS, I am in the home stretch now!!!!

I see the finish line, and I. AM. GOING. TO. WIN.


Susie said...

Way to go!!

Jaime Mac said...

Your pictures are hilariously disturbing....

Also-is that a can of coke I see on your vanity? UHM doesn't it get hair in it when you drink? Gag.

Jami said...

You can do it!

ginmommy said...

JaimeMac, you sure are a squeamish gal!

Kerry said...

I love and admire your determination with winning this thing!! I have hair just like yours, thick, kinda wavy, long, dark, falls out everywhere (you should see my bathroom floor!) so I know what you are going through lol!! You can do it...

Jaime Mac said...

Yes, about hair I am. Ugh.

Tracey said...

It is hilarious that you did this post! I was getting ready the EXACT SAME MORNING thinking I should blog my getting ready process. It's ridiculous. ;)