Monday, December 10, 2012

#14 won't succumb to the devils propaganda.

It's looking like we will be pretty busy this winter, because not only do we have Hope cheering, we also have Pierce starting basketball!

Pierce has been out of the basketball loop for several years now, (actually he hasn't played since biddy-ball) but he's been expressing interest to try it again, so here we go!

Basketball is also through the Upward organization

And #14, he shall be! 

I was a little worried he might feel like he didn't know what to do, since it's been so long.

But my worries were unfounded.

Pierce has a natural athletic bend, which of course he inherited from me, so it seems he just naturally picks most sports up.

I had so much fun watching him, and I'm just hoping he really enjoys the season.

But you all, I have a big problem on my hands.

We are surrounded by the enemy. The enemy of a KENTUCKY brainwashing...

All I can do as proud Hoosier, is keep spreading the truth.

And hope that the Kentucky brainwashing doesn't take hold.

I want him to learn.

I want him to have fun.

And never succumb to the devils propaganda.


Alicia Mcafee said...

Dude, I would totally start dressing him in IU gear every. single. practice! :)

Jaime Mac said...

You are a nut. AND I love how you were able to add the nice arrow & Hoosiers to your pic. Did Rico help you?! :)

Tracey said...

I'm in agreement with Alicia...RED for every practice!!

Jami said...

Get that boy some IU gear!!!

Jessica said...

We live in the middle of it girl and have for years. My kids are unaffected. How about some WKU red????!!!GO Hilltoppers!

ginmommy said...

No JaimeMac, that was all me! Can you believe it?! Ha!

Angie said...

I hope my son plays basketball. Of course you know he probably won't. Kids never do what we want them too. It's by far my fave sport to watch though!

Jill said...

Love this! I bet it would be easy for him to be brainwashed. Definitely dress him in red. ;)

the lewis gang said...

you are a riot!!! do it! iu wear every single practice!! :)

Susie said...

I spotted that the first thing about his coach!! Poor Pierce!! Go IU!!

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

Haha! Don't let the coach brainwash that poor kid with Kentucky things! I hope Pierce enjoys basketball!