Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Santa first.

So, we don't do Santa. 

I've never shared that before, because I've never felt it necessary, it's just one of those personal-parenting decisions that Paul and I made a long time ago.  I don't care if other parents do it, and I certainly don't give other people grief about what they do, but I've sure been given grief about it, but whatever. 

My parents didn't teach me Santa was the real-deal, because when my sister found out the truth, she was DEVASTATED. So, I grew up knowing that Santa was make-believe, and I turned out normal. NO COMMENTS PLEASE.   

But let me be honest, it always made me sad that I never had a picture of either of my kids in Santa's lap. Even though I never believed, I still sat in his lap! I guess in my mind it didn't hurt to have a back-up, you know, JUST IN CASE

SO, you see where this is going?

Hope and I walking through the mall the other night....

"Mommy, I want to sit on his lap!"


"I think so. But I'm kinda shy to him."

"Okay, well it's up to you! Let's just walk by and see what you think about it."

--insert nerves, giggles, and eventually backing out--

"Hope, we are going to leave, so last chance"

"I wanna do it mommy!"

And up we went! I had a big plan to take a picture with my cell phone, but the Santa police shut me right down. And I being the big sucker I am, paid almost twenty dollars for this picture right here...

Worth it.


Jessica said...

Um, 2 things for the record:
1-I admire you guys for that.
2-she looks adorable

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Santa is so not a big deal in our house. He brings stocking stuff, no presents and I think we have one Santa decoration. I admire u too! It's tough to go against the grain.

Jaime Mac said...

Lord knows I have NO judgement about the Santa deal. Your womb, your spawn, your life, your decision.
Hope is super cute & you ARE a sucker. sheesh Santa is making BANK!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Yes, she is super cute so the pic was worth every penny. Do what you want...I'm not judging. I do hate the thought of them finding out. Can't they just stay little forever?

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

We don't do Santa either, but Nathaniel and Nick are dying for Jake and Amelia to believe, which I think is hilarious.

WHAT IS UP with Santa's shirt? I'm sorry, but that shirt is all kinds of wrong.

Tracey said...

Santa's shirt??!! What the heck?

We intended on doing Santa but Levi is deathly afraid of him so now we do presents from Frank, his elf. We have screwed our kids up for life!

Granny G said...

Awe.....I am certainly not judging you, but this makes me so sad. I still believe. It's magic.

ginmommy said...

Hey Granny G, I love that you still believe. :-)

And you guys, this SANTA, as he claimed to be, was just a big disappointment! I want Santa, to look like Santa!

Jill said...

Santa's shirt is hilarious, but Hope is too precious and her smile is priceless. Definitely hard to go against the grain and I can only imagine the comments you've received over the years. ;)

LOVE Jaime's comment. Santa is definitely making bank! :)

Jami said...

Santa's shirt was the first thing I noticed too! I do love that picture.

Santa is so hard. I love the magic of it and seeing it through a kids' eyes all over again. But it's so hard when to make that call to tell the truth. We usually do one or two Santa gifts and that's it. Heck, it was Santa who helped get rid of the pacifier.

YOu should take her to the Green Tree Mall when you are in. Santa there rocks!

The Utley Crew said...

Super cute photo. We aren't huge into Santa, either, mainly because I don't think either girl has ever really bought into it 100%. When Abby was 2 she told me that she 'didn't want some man in her house at night, tell him to leave my stuff on the porch!' So, we've just rolled with it from there. ha! They will get a few things left unwrapped for Christmas and we say those are from Santa but the rest they know are gifts from us. We still go along with the whole Santa thing, but when they find out for sure he isn't real, I don't think there will be any surprise or tears shed! :) Maybe we can get a good deal on some group therapy sessions for our kids! haha! ;)

Susie said...

They could have gotten a better Santa!! A cute picture of Hope!!

ginmommy said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! :-) Love my bloggy friends!

the lewis gang said...

his shirt is killing me!!! oh my goodness!!! hahaha!