Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to 10. On fighting.

When we were first married, we could fight. 

Like, wake up the neighbors, knock down the doors,, fight. 

And when I think back about those days, I can't even really remember what all those fights were about. I would imagine it was mostly jockeying for position. 

Fast forward almost 10 years later, and we rarely fight. Either we are just too tired, or we've just figured each other out. 

Maybe a little of both.

But let me share something we DO still fight about. 


We fight about milk, on average, every couple weeks.

When I go to the store, and buy the fat-free milk, I get an ear-full.

When Paul takes the milk out of the cart and replaces it with the 2%, I give him the evil G stare.

I would say, it's become a matter of standing our grounds. I won't give in, and neither will he.

But one of these days Paul will comes to his senses, and he will finally see the error of his ways, and cry out, AS ALWAYS, G WAS RIGHT!

Or I will just put it on our headstones....


Countdown to 10.


pambush said...

In my book, you might just as well drink water! It doesn't even look like real milk.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Sooo funny!! Why can't you just buy both?

Tracey said...

I'm glad that Eric and I don't fight!! :)
{crossing fingers behind my back}

Jaime Mac said...

I'm with Alicia - just buy both.... unless you like fighting about the milk. Sometimes I just LIKE to fight.

Jami said...

So you guys would scream? That's funny!
If you have to buy milk more than once a week, go ahead and buy both.

ginmommy said...

JLL, not scream, but no doubt, we yelled!

And I TOTALLY forgot to leave this part out! We fight over what kind of milk the KIDS drink! Sorry! Paul says they need the fat, I say they don't. Of course, I am right.