Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My favorite day of the year.

My view on Christmas Eve, was just as such here, and lemme tell you, I call that perfect. 

Everyone knows my love for Christmas, but Christmas Eve, is definitely my favorite day of the year, and I think it's summed up best in one word... 


I just love everything about this day and night...

The lights

The fireplaces

The decorations

And my moms pretty table.

The goodies to eat

And recipes to share

And of course, sitting around the table to share all those goodies.

The fun I have dressing up my babies

And the way this one delights doing it for me

Honestly, she was born to do this stuff.

And I even love the way I have to FORCE the other baby with bodily harm to cooperate for me

And how he refuses to dress up for me.

Every part

I love it all.

I love hanging out with the family

And how the "big babies"

Even still seem to get a semi-teenagerish-kick out of it.

But most of all, I love the excitement that the anticipation of this night brings out in these two

And all that anticipation is always worth it in the end, because Christmas was about to come!


Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

It's one of my favorite days too!

Susie said...

What a great time of year!! I just love the family portrait!!

Jami said...

I love it too! The anticipation is great.
Love Hope's dress.
Your mom's house look so cozy.

Jessica said...

Hope you all had a great Christmas !