Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas, part deux

From what I'm hearing, everyone is busy taking down their Christmas and returning to normal. 


It goes up in May and comes down in February.

Okay, we aren't that insane. See we could actually be much worse!

But we can't take our stuff down yet, because we are still celebrating.

This time with our family that represents, Pure Michigan

And there are certainly no complaints from the smallest members of the family.

The more celebrating the better!

We waited to give the kids their stockings until we celebrated with Meemaw and Grandpa.

And they seemed thrilled.

Seriously, they really were thrilled.

Of course, thrilled to receive more stuff 

But also to see their Meemaw

And Grandpa.

So, we settled in for our Christmas together on Saturday morning.

Lots of giving. Lots of receiving.

And then Paul received an extra special present.

I haven't mentioned this on my blog yet, but my mother-in-law has written a book about Paul's life that is set to be published February or March. We helped quite a bit with timeline information and stuff, so it's been a joint project, and as a surprise she had the cover of the book framed for him. Very sweet.

Evidence of a good time, a messy living room!

And then taking a cue from my mom, I set the table for us to enjoy a nice lunch.

It's certainly no Terry table, but it's better than my usual table setting of paper plates and mis-matched cups. Right, mom?

And Paul was the man, and made us his yummy turkey!

And Pam made us some of her famous, made from scratch, biscuits! And me? Well, I microwaved some broccoli. BOO-YAH.

And then taking a cue from my other parent, I tried to get a "round the table" shot.  Just ignore the closed eyes, and the fact that Paul isn't even in it, definitely not a John caliber picture!

But I will call Christmas, part deux, a success!

Our family will be spending the next few days with us, and ringing in the New Year here in Kentucky. Our goal is to show them a wild time, and stay awake until midnight, like the animals that we are.


Susie said...

What fun pictures!! That is so neat about Paul's book!!

Jessica said...

Have fun as your celebration continues ! What a tribute the book is.

Jami said...

Fun times!!! I want to read that book when it come out.

Jaime Mac said...

That's super exciting about the book! How cool!
No, your table was certainly NOT Terry caliber...maybe one day? But then you struck out with the daddymac photo so I'm thinking no.... :)