Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This time, it was all for Cody-bear


I don't remember turning 18 at all. 

But maybe, Jo's firstborn, Cody-bear will remember.  

After all, 18 is a big one! He can now get a tattoo, cigarettes, vote, and sign up for the draft! How grand!

 But you know what's for realsie grand? The fact that these boys who are growing up, ENTIRELY TOO FAST, still appease their crazy aunt.

I love all of my nephews dearly, and watching them grow up is bittersweet. So, celebrating their lives, is always an important event, and we do it up right!

You can count on us to surround you like paparazzi when it's your day

And of course, butcher our version of Happy Birthday so badly, it sends us all in hysterics.

This time, all for you Cody-bear! 

And of course, no event is complete with out the famous, round the table photo!

We had such a great weekend....

 But I feel like I should mention Connecticut. That  horrific tragedy happened on Friday, which was the day of our 10th anniversary, and it was very hard for me to celebrate like nothing happened. I cried, prayed, and stewed, but did the best I could to put it aside for the night. But my heart has been heavy ever since. The pain of the families, who lost their sweet babies, and the teachers who lost their lives protecting those babies, well, it's just unfathomable. I am praying everyday for the people of Newtown....

And I'm holding on a little tighter than normal

To those that I love.


Alicia Mcafee said...

YES! So sad and scary as a parent and a teacher!! It's been a rough week to say the least!!! We have to pray!!

Hillary said...

Love those round table pictures!! What a handsome nephew you have. :)


Jaime Mac said...

I love the pic of all of you taking pics! Fun stuff!

Jami said...

Love all the craziness that is your family, poor Cody!!

Susie said...

Love the family photo!!

Jessica said...

I don't remember 18 either . Are we really that old ? Was 18 really that long ago ? I guess it was !

I am with you ....still praying , can't imagine , and am holding mine a little tighter too . Thankful for Christmas break .