Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis' the season, for my family to make a mess.

"Hey Hope, you wanna make cookies?" 

"Are you kidding mom! I'm ready for the fun, and I'm always ready to accessorize!"

So yeah, we decided to make Christmas cookies!

And by we, I mean, Paul and the kids.  My job is to supervise, and capture the memories.

You see, I've learned over the years to just let this guy be in charge of the sugar cookies...

One of the worst arguments we ever had, was over how he made sugar cookies.

Picture it, Charlestown 2002, newly married and deciding to do something sweet together, like baking! OH, how romantic!


 I wanted to do it my way, he wanted to do it his.

And by his, I mean messy....

Make no-bones-about-it, the man creates an epic mess.

BUT after that argument, I realized he was actually better at it. His cookies turned out better, and he could remain more calm, than said loony-wife.

Fast forward to today, and when it's sugar cookie making time, daddy is the man! I just sit back and let them be messy!

I can totally remember doing sugar cookies with my mom.

It was always such a fun Christmas memory.

And seeing how excited the kids get

I would say they will look back and feel the same!

They did some pretty good art on those cookies! And they were really good at restraining themselves...

Well, for the most part. 

And I quickly learned

That a sugar cookie is capable of holding enough sprinkles, to support an island of sprinkle makers. 

All messiness aside, I love it. I love these kind of nights, and I love this time of year!

I can't believe we are already almost done with the first week of December! SO much to do, and so little time!

And I'm just trying to make the most with my messy little family!


Tracey said...

Um, Paul seems to win most of your fights. Just sayin!! ;)
Sugar cookies rock!! Cute post!

pambush said...

Great pics! Good memories - past, present, and the good Lord willing, future. :)

Jaime Mac said...

I could totally tell you took these pics with your fancy schmancy camera!
They look awesome! LOVE me some Hope posing for you!

Jami said...

I always look forward to your sugar cookie posts. I love it that Paul does the baking.

Jessica said...

Well, they did a great job! THis is on our list for next week. You are right...time is moving on girl. Like you I hate messes-I need to get over it!

Susie said...

Great looking cookies!!