Friday, December 28, 2012


This is my parents home. 

You know how it took Noah a super-long time to build the Ark? Well, my parents came in a close second to ol' Noah, when they built their house.  But in the end, I would say it was worth the time, because it is a beautiful home.

And if you've been around here very long, you've seen many pictures of their house.

And with their permission of course, I thought I'd show you around a little more, just so you can understand something....

Their house was actually built using the same floor plan as John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice.  

You see, my mom is obsessed with Williamsburg and Colonial America, and the home totally reflects that style.

It has many details throughout

But everything feels Colonial.

That is, until you go downstairs.

Behind these doors, lurks a secret.

Okay, it's not a secret, but it sounds good.

Behind these doors, definitely lurks something Mr. John Jay, didn't have in his home! Oh no, behind these doors, it's all DaddyMac.

You are greeted by a virtual Apple nightclub. A neon Apple, that of course represents, THE APPLE, and some fiber optic lights that change colors, I'm serious, it's a club for a few minutes.

But as you look around, you see just how passionate my dad is about all Apple products. It's no joke.

Multiple Apple machines.

And then of course, his Bull and Bear market wall mural. That's his other passion, the market!

I've always known dad to be passionate about Mac/Apple stuff, but not until adulthood did I understand how much so. When he started to include me in his "Macgroup emails" and sign off as "DaddyMac" I knew this went beyond like.  (Which BTW, I understand about every third word in those Macgroup emails. Chinese to me.)

And then when they built their home, and he created his office, he had a chance to show just who he is.

Modern, and definitely not Williamsbug-ish!

You do see reminders of the family around

But mainly you see his creative spirit and knowledge for all things Apple!

And that's my dad!  Smart, creative and THE DaddyMac!


Hillary said...

Your Dad has a third daughter now :). I'll be sending my picture along any day now for him to put in picture frame too. HA!! He'd be very pleased to hear that we got a Ipad for Christmas. What the heck does your dad do anyway that he needs all that cool stuff??


Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

That would be awesome to have an apple room!!! I love apple products!

Susie said...

What a beautiful home!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

WOW!! That room is neat!! Funny how it's so different from the rest of the house! Pretty home!

Jami said...

Your mom's house needs to be in a magazine. I would be afraid to enter than room, I would break something for sure.

Jaime Mac said...

The house is SO beautiful! I would be afraid to touch ANYTHING!
And your dad's room? WOW. That's awesome! He is definitely Mac obsessed!

Tracey said...

The pics don't even do it justice! It's tré gorge.

I didn't know your dad gave himself the Daddy Mac name! I always thought you and Jo made it up! He's awesome.

Angie said...

What an absolutely gorgeous home! I love how it expresses who both of them really are.