Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013. The year I get ORGANIZED!

Now you know while I was in Indiana, I saw my gurls!  That's just a given! 

Jami and I, continued our Christmas Eve tradition of taking the kids to McDonald's for breakfast. Each year, our group gets smaller. I told Jami, next year it will probably just be me sitting there alone. But for now, we still represent! 

Kids were beginning to get rowdy, so James suggested we go to her place to play for a while. Good call, James!

And while there, the kids took rowdy to a whole different level, and we just sat back in watched in horror. I even got to witness a Cameron-level tantrum, and trust me, they are epic! But he's cute, so I enjoyed it! Fun times.

And of course, I had to spend some time with T! For the most obvious reason, because she's awesome, and because we had to exchange our Christmas gifts.

We were super ghetto this year, and got each other matching wallets.  So, basically, we bought our own gifts. Yeah, we're awesome.

But let me tell you, this wallet, well, it's made me determined.

Determined to get myself organized!

I have lots of great qualities, but organization is not one of them. I'm what some might refer to as, scatter-brained. But I like to just think as myself as FUN! I'm always too busy, going and doing, and having fun to make organization a priority.

And yeah, I'm scatter-brianed too.

And when one is naturally scatter-brained, things like their wallets take a hit.


Actually, my mom did see it, and I'm sure she blacked out for a couple seconds. Once she came to, she began to tell me how to, GET IT TOGETHER. She gave me lots of tips, and I'm determined to keep it together.

Look at it now! HOLLA!

And my mom set me up with ideas like these. Yes, people, 2013 is my year! I WILL BE ORGANIZED!


Jami said...

Your wallet makes me want to break out in hives. I love you for it though!
Glad we could get together and you could see a Cameron level tantrum. They are epic!

the lewis gang said...

organization is my sanity!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Good luck!! :)

Jaime Mac said...

Please post another pic of the wallet in 2 months...

Tracey said...

Your wallet always made me laugh! I give you until March! ;)

Love our time together. ;)