Friday, January 25, 2013

You may never love me again.

 With the evil flu diagnosis, Hope and I have obviously spent a lot of time sequestered indoors snuggling and watching movies, but I eventually started to get bored. I could only sit and watch so much television, and I'm thinking it was during our umpteenth viewing of Tangled, that I decided I should get up and be productive. 

And so I began to do something that I've needed to do for quite some time. And then I thought, hey why not blog it? 

Honestly? You wouldn't believe all the things I consider blogging. About 75% of the time though I talk myself out of it, but this gem?  Well I suffered, and so should you.  It's not riveting, but hey, it's all I've got. 

But I must be honest. You may never love me again. 


But this is real life and I'm not trying to paint a picture of me that isn't real, this is just me. 

Are you ready?

You guys, this is what my pantry looked like.....


I'm sorry mom.

But after an hour of purging and being diligent, I got it looking like this...

I'm so proud!

And I vow to do my best to keep it like this.

But I also have 3 other hooligans that live here and help mess it up.

But I do vow, along with my wallet, to keep this straight! 2013 is my year baby!

I was feeling so inspired that I didn't stop at the pantry, I also tackled the refrigerator! I went through all the old stuff and scrubbed it down, goooood.

I'm still mad about this evil medicine sitting here.

Considering that some of Paul's medicine is THOUSANDS of dollars, I'm not sure why 200 has bothered me so much, BUT IT HAS.

I know this could possibly be the most boring post ever.

So, I will end with a few tidbits about the kids.

Thankfully Pierce has remained healthy

And spunky.

And Hope?

She's baaaaaaack!

And we are all happy about that!

Off to go organize something....


Alicia Mcafee said...

I think about blogging random things too!! Sometimes I do and sometimes it never comes to fruitition but it's fun none the less!

Tracey said...

So proud!! And I'm proud that your wallet still looks good! Organizing can be good. ;)

Susie said...

I love when I get in that type of mood to organize!!

Hers and His said...

It's amazing how good I feel after I clean out the refridgerator!Tamiflu is outrageous! All three of us took it ... which came to over $500 bucks! I about swallowed my tongue! Glad Hope is feeling better :)

Lynne and Nick said...

so glad to see Hope feeling better, especially with her sassy earrings! :)

Jami said...

I love you and your evil medicine face. way to go on organizing, I love those moods too.

Hope is too cute and I love Pierce flashing his peace sign.

Arthur Family said...

Good for you! it always makes you feel better when you do things like that! Glad Hope is better! Lovin' the long hair!

the lewis gang said...

$200! yikes!! i love the caption on the bottle. i LOVE a good fridge purge and clean. cleansing the soul!!!

Amanda Brady said...

Did you not have any insurance?? That's crazy.

Jessica said...

I think you did a great does the pantry get so out of hand so quickly?! Glad Hope has bounced back!!!

Kerry said...

Hahaha you have no idea how happy I am to see your pantry looking the way it did lol because mine was just the same, in fact the entire kitchen looked like that (I blame everyone else) until I cleaned like a crazy lady yesterday. I am so proud of my efforts and you should be too! I