Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Okay, a real post. What's on my nightstand??

Okay, so my post earlier, was pretty lame. I admit it. 

But my sweet friend and reader Hillary, gave me an idea of a post! And that my friends is just one of the awesome things about blogs! When your own brain isn't working, someone else's is! 

Hillary said she saw someone else do a post about what's on your nightstand and she thought it was a fun idea, and I HAVE TO AGREE! 

So here goes! 

I remember hearing Nate Burkus talking one time about the rooms in our home, and how the bedroom is the most important room in the house and that we should really devote our attention to it. But he also said that the bedroom is the room that usually gets the least amount of attention. 

Well, he was definitely right about me! I put much more effort into my kids rooms than I do my own, and my nightstand is kind of pitiful.

Here it is....It's not even technically a real nightstand! It's one of those generic tables that I throw a cloth over. 

I keep this picture out because I love it. This was taken on Hope's first birthday and I just think my babies are so sweet.

I have this lamp that is a pineapple, and actually came from Williamsburg. Did you know that the pineapple means welcome?

Of course my alarm clock, that I always have set 10 minutes fast, you know one of those lame keep myself in bed longer tricks.

My precious remotes that  get a workout every night, along with my, I can't see the television glasses.

Books that I should be reading instead of watching mindless television.

Oh and a candle, well because it is the bedroom after all. HOLLA. And the phone had to make an appearance, because HONESTLY, it's usually right there.

And that's it! Not much to it really, but a fun idea and post. You should do it too!


Hillary said...

Yay!! Despite you nighttable just being a regular table with a cloth thrown over it, it's still TONS better than my pitiful one! Its wooden but all the stain is peeling up and it looks like total crap. Have you seen that movie "Signs" with Mel Gibson? I'm like the little girl in the movie that is addicted to having 19 water glasses with her at all times. That's what mine looks like :).


Jaime Mac said...

Yes, this is another great idea for when my life is right now... Thanks, Hillary!

Jami said...

Stealing this!

Alicia Mcafee said...

All caught up! Great idea! :)