Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A little blogging reflection

It's officially 2013, which means I will spend the next two months writing and saying the wrong year. Only to eventually master it, and be perpetually annoyed, because 2013, is a totally annoying number. First of all it ends in 13, which is my least favorite number, and it's an odd number, which I also dislike. Annoyed.

So, here it is, a new year, and normally a time to reflect on goals and such. My two goals for 2012, I accomplished: I grew out my hair, and I upped my blogging game.

Previous stats:

2008: 31
2009: 122
2010: 94
2011: 172
2012: 253!

Look at that, 253!

Sometimes, I really didn't want to blog, but I made the commitment to do it, and I'm glad I stuck to it. I think that blogging is an evolution, and you most definitely grow and change the longer you do it. I started to blog, just because Tracey told me I had to, but over time and the years, it's come to mean so much more. I blog, first and foremost, to document my family, and just life in general. And I'm so glad I have this to look back on, and hopefully one day my children appreciate it too.

But now, it feels like much more than just documenting family life.

It's a creative outlet, it's a way to connect with others, and well, I love it.

 I really do love blogging.

And I love my bloggy people, everyone who comments, or just secretly reads. And I love reading YOUR blogs, and getting to know you, and feeling invested in your lives.

So, here's to 2013 (visceral reaction just typing that number) and blogging even more!


Susie said...

I really enjoy reading about your family!! I enjoy documenting my grandkids lives also. I hope they appreciate it too.

Jami said...

I need to vamp up by blogging too this year. I've been very lazy! Here's to a fantastic year!

Jessica said...

I know what you mean-sometimes you jsut don't feel like blogging and I've felt the same way. The main reason I blog is for my kids....want them to have a complete record of their childhood....I am glad you are going to blog even more in 2013-love reading along!

Tracey said...

I'm glad you blog. :)

Angie said...

I can't believe how much I've ended up enjoying blogging either! It's so much more than just a "blog" too me. I LOVE your blog so keep on blogging please :)

Dan and Denise said...

I enjoy blogging too, Gretchen. I love that I have documented so many of the minute things in our daily lives, and we will have that to look back on. I may still be one of those parents who says, "Now which one of you kids used to . . . ." But at least I have a way to go back and find out.

Jaime Mac said...

Oh, I do love reading your blog! It's an easy ready & I ALWAYS laugh! I love your reference about writing 2012 until mid-Feb. I totally do that too!
AND I'm so, so, sooo happy you had 253 posts... bleh (Not sure if my sarcasm came across there?!)