Thursday, January 3, 2013

Earring love. It's deep.

Some of the great loves of my life:

The Lord.
My husband.
My children.
My family.
My friends.
My large obnoxious earrings. 

If you know much about G, you know my passion for earrings. It runs deeps, it runs wide, and it gets me grief. 

Yes, you will find me working out in my hoop earrings. 

Yes, even if I don't do my hair, even if I don't wear a stitch of makeup, my earrings will be in. 

And yes, one of the first things I notice about other women, is their choice of earrings. 

Now, if you don't wear earrings, I will dream of drugging you and forcing an earring on you, I don't judge you, but I will ponder why in the world not. 

So, imagine my inner delight when one evening, a few weeks back, Hope asked if she could try on some of my earrings. 



She's cute.

And it was fun.

Will she grow up and love them like I do?

Who knows? Who cares!

But we had fun playing big earring dress up!


Susie said...

What cute pictures!!

Jami said...

Adorbs! You should have said something to me sooner, I may have started wearing bigger ones earlier.

Tracey said...

Yet one more reason we are meant to be.

Jaime Mac said...

UHM I never ever EVER leave the house without earrings. Oh, the humanity. I will help you drug anyone who needs it. Madness...