Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting our hands on a sweet baby.

It's been a while since my babies, were actually babies....

OH MY STARS LOOK AT HOPE. This was during her, I don't have much of a neck phase.  

And there are times, as brief as they may be, that I yearn for another one. But seeing as I'm no spring chicken, I'm thinking those baby making days are behind me. 

But that doesn't mean that if given the opportunity to get my hands on a sweet baby, that I won't jump on it like the Baby Whisperer. 

Our friends Sharky and Megan, asked us if we would watch their little fella so they could go on a much needed date, and of course we were happy to do so!

I was a little nervous that he might not want to come to me, and cry for his parents, but he was the best baby e-ver! I was throwing milk all over him, seeing as I've lost my touch, but he was as cool as can be about it all.

I knew I was excited to have a baby for a few hours, but the kids? OH ME. They loved it! Especially Hope! I mean come on, this is the REAL BABY ALIVE.

And even Pierce jumped right in.

Doing his best to play with him, and keep him entertained.

And they both did a great job shielding him from the television stand, with all its sharp edges. But the meditation thing? I have no clue.

And even daddy may have caught a little of the baby urge too.

They chilled for a while, like a couple of bros.

But mainly this fun event was such a treat for the kids.

With the culmination of the night ending in a bottle feeding, that Hope actually got to do, all.by.herself. Excited by this opportunity? OH BEYOND.

And seeing as I'm an equal opportunity parent, I made sure Pierce did it too. He acted like he didn't want to, but I will have you know that he was thrilled by it, and handled him so well!

Thankfully, little man was such a good baby, and so very chill with all of our antics! And thankfully mommy gave me permission to blog about our fun! :-)


Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Ahhh. Love kids with babies. Come on to my house anytime for your fix. ;)

Hillary said...

Oh just looking at, hearing, or holding babies just makes my ovaries cry for just.one.more. I know that will never happen so I might just have to go get my own temporary baby to hold also!


Tracey said...

DON'T DO IT!!! ;-)

Susie said...

Babies are so much fun!! Glad he got along with you all!!

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

I love the picture of Pierce and Hope meditating!

Megan Schargorodski said...

Can I borrow one of your kids to hold his bottle for him? He's SOOO lazy!!!

Jaime Mac said...

I ditto Tracey... with NO smiley face...at ALL.