Thursday, January 24, 2013

Indiana part three: The dreaded F word

Hope is all about an open-mouthed sleep, clearly. But when she slept like this the ENTIRE way from Bowling Green to Indiana, maybe I should have suspected somethin' was a brewin'. 

We bolted from Nathan's party early, and headed to the nearest Immediate Care Center so I could have my suspicions confirmed, and hear the dreaded F word.

"Your daughter tested positive for the FLU"

Hope was out cold, and there was no waking her, so I just aimlessly drove around waiting for her Tamiflu to be filled.  One of our good friends is a pharmacist and he gave me a tip for a $10 coupon, so I was feeling all smug that I was going to save us some money.

However, when the lady behind the glass, (which btw, I'm thinking should be bullet-proof after what I was feeling) started to sheepishly speak into the phone, I should have known bad news was coming.

"Ma'am do you know how much this costs?"

"With my coupon you mean?"

"Yes, with the coupon"

"No, how much?"

"Ummm, it will be 197 dollars"


I'm sure all the color drained from my face, as I stammered and stuttered about my measly 10 dollar coupon.

So, in a state of shock I drove off with the liquid gold that had better cure my daughter.  Oh, and raise her IQ as well.

And my dear daughter?

In her 5 years on this earth, she's been sick on many occasions, but never-ever has she been this sick.

She has spent the majority of her days, just like this.

With brief periods of awake.

And the worst part?

No talking or smiling at all.

Isn't it strange how your kids can exhaust you will their incessant talking, but yet when they are sick it's the only thing you want.

Oh, and about that liquid gold?

Well, each time she took it within an hour she would vomit. Yeah

 After talking to her doctor it was determined that she should not take it.  So in my refrigerator sits 200 dollars worth of Tamiflu. Hit me up, if you want some! KIDDING. Maybe. 

After a fun vomit-filled drive home, I am starting to see slight improvements. 

Some expression has returned to her face. 

And she's even been asking to wear my earrings

And play games. 

Of course I obliged on both requests. 

But you guys, I miss my daughters smile, and I can't wait for her Tigger of a personality to return. 

*I actually wrote this post on Tuesday while Hope was sleeping, and I'm happy to report that as of today, her smile has returned. 


Tracey said...

She had it bad. :( So glad she is better!!!!!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Poor girl. Glad you tied up the loose ends for me. ;)

Susie said...

Poor Hope!! Glad she is feeling better today!!

pambush said...

We're glas our precious granddaughter is feeling better and continue to pray that none of the rest will get it. BTW - can you email me the video of Pierce to "Rocky"? We'd like to show grandma Della. Thanks. Love you guys!

pambush said...

Ooop! I meant - glad - :)

Jami said...

She may been sick, but she is still beautiful.

Glad she is better.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Poor baby! Love those smiles! :)

Angie said...

Bless her heart. There is nothing worse than seeing your babies sick. I'm so glad to hear she's doing better. You could probably sell that Tamiflu in my area for BIG money. The last I heard there wasn't a pharmacy within a 2 hour drive that had any in stock. Yeah, it's been REALLY BAD here!