Monday, January 28, 2013

Perfect day.

When I awoke on Friday morning, I anxiously rolled over to check my phone and see if I had any good news.

And indeed there was good school today. 

And in childlike excitement I woke Paul up to let him know, but seeing that my announcement came at like 4 in the morning, he didn't seem all that excited. Whateves.

But when Pierce came bounding into the bedroom at 6 and I shared the news with him? Well, there was a praise Jesus moment between mother and son.

We were praising that sweet Jesus for a day at home.

We had been wanting a snow day for a long time!

So we carefully soaked up the day, because as Pierce said "we can't waste one minute of this day."

We played MANY games! (Can you believe how thin Hope looks?? She lost 5 pounds from the evil flu episode)

But I'm doing my best to put it back on her, and what better way than eating your mac and cheese on the floor while watching movies! I mean, that's where I like to eat my mac and cheese!

But Pierce was very diligent with his time.

And his diligence pays off!

And what do you think Hope did with most of her time?

I lost count at all her outfit changes

And by the end of the day she was in a bathing suit.

And by the end of the day, I decided a really nice meal was in order.

Maybe we should get iced in more often?

I'd say the kids would agree with that statement

And actually, so would I.
Perfect day.


Tracey said...

Looks like a great day to me! I was hoping for a snow day here, but no such luck. :(

Jami said...

I too am in desperate need of a snow day. Maybe I should stock up now on goodies to make. Glad to see Hope is all better!

Hillary said...

Poor baby. 5 pounds is a lot for a little one! Glad y'all had such a great game day though!


Kerry said...

Hi Gretchen! Your snow day looks wonderful, you guys did make the most of it and I just love how Hope is such a girly girl (like her mum) playing dress-ups and posing like that! Too funny that she was in a bathing suit on a snow day :)
Uno is always so much fun and carpet picnics are the best!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Looks nice to me!! I love me a good snow day. Just one or two though. I don't want to get carried away!! Jake lost weight when he was sick too. Those babies don't have weight to lose! Poor things!!

Susie said...

Looks like a fun day!!

Angie said...

Yay for snow days! Our kids got a snow day on Friday too. I was actually hoping for snow but we got ice so there was no snowman making. Maybe next time!! Your kids are the cutest. I love that she is in a bathing suit on a snow day :)

Jessica said...

Loved having a "snow day" NOW, can we get a snow day with some snow, instead of just ice!!!