Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indiana part two: Celebrating Nathan

Main purpose for out visit to Indiana?

To celebrate Nathan!

Nathan is now 14, so as with every member of our family, a party was in order. 

The table was set and we were ready to sit around it.

Because as we all know a meal cannot be eaten without this picture. (One day someone will find all of our pictures, and be like, OH MY GOSH, ALL THEY EVER DID WAS EAT!)

I vividly remember the day Nathan was born.

I was a hostess at Cracker Barrel, and I left "sick" so I could be there for his birth.

But as I left, I snuck out a piece of coca-cola cake for Jo.  Who's the best sister e-ver? 

And here he is, 14 years later, all big and stuff. Dumb.

 Not that he's dumb, but dumb that he's 14 and big, but yet good that he's a growing into a fine young man, but still dumb.  OH, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

But about that day of celebration, Hope woke up with a fever that morning so I  pumped her full of Tylenol, and she seemed to perk up.

But mainly she spent the day like this...

And then even with Tylenol in her system she was burning up, and I couldn't keep her awake.

I had a gut feeling what it was, but decided we had better visit an Urgent Care...

Conclusion tomorrow.

( Please tell me you like the dramatics of me dragging this thing out)