Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indiana part one: It's all about the basketball

We have returned from up North, and the trip definitely didn't turn out as planned, but we at least had a good start. 

Event #1: Go watch Cody play.

And here he is, representing in the pink, along with everyone else in support of cancer. 

Of course I also wanted to see Nathan, but finding Nathan at the games is slightly more difficult.

He stands in a sea of kids, and I usually spend a good 10 minutes trying to spot him.  Next year Nathan won't be in the student section anymore, he will be on the floor like his brother.

And next year Cody won't be here either.

Senior year for 34.

So you understand I was all about capturing maybe one of last games I may ever see him play.

At least until I got distracted...

Okay, back to Cody.

You know, we take our basketball VERY serious in Indiana. 

Uh hello, Hoosiers.

There was a reason a movie was made after us. 

It's a passion that run deeps. 

And both of Jo's boys are very good at it.

So event #1, was officially a success.

 Seeing two of my favorite nephews. 

But see that pink shirt to the right of the picture? That was Hope acting peculiar as all get out, and little did I know the trouble that was brewing....


Tracey said...

LOVE IT! Go Hoosier basketball :)

Glad you had one good day here!

Jaime Mac said...

I love that your nephews indulge your neurotic'ness' (is that a word?!)
They're good boys... :)

Hillary said...

Such cuties! I bet the girls are tripping over themselves to get to them :). Is Hope feeling any better today?


Jami said...

I love high school basketball. A least it was a good start.

Susie said...

Fun Times!! Go Hoosiers!!