Monday, January 7, 2013

Forget the BLT, it's BGT time!!

Sometimes, you don't have to use your own brain cells to come up with original ideas.

No, sometimes your friends do all the clever work for you. 

That's right, it was the weekend of BGT! 

But first up, it was just G and T representing.  And no, that's not my Christmas tree still up back there, you just think you see it. 

I opted for the point-and-shoot the weekend of BGT,  because I knew there would be some serious lugging going on later. 

Because as most events with this group, there would be shopping. 

And while I suppose I could go on about our shopping

Because trust me, there was shopping. 

Actually LOTS and LOTS of shopping.

So much so, we may have been completely exhausted from lugging all our packages at some points, but I actually don't think I will elaborate on the shopping. 

 I suppose I could elaborate on all the food we consumed. 

Because, trust me, we aren't shy about our food.

But actually, I think I will just elaborate on us. 

Because when we get together, whether shopping, eating, or just hanging out, we always have fun. 

I don't care what your age is

When you get together with your friends

You suddenly revert

And act completely silly.

And take enough self-portraits to compete with a Kardashian

Even though, I'm sure a Kardashian would never post such an unflattering picture of herself. 

But I can't talk about our weekend and not mention that we were missing an important person! We missed you Jami, and next time it will be the weekend of BGJT! 

The weekend of BGT! Such fun!


Tracey said...

Seriously...a great time! I'm still full from Chuy's! I heart you.

Jami said...

BGT, I like it. I'm also digging all the scarves, super cute.

I so missed you guys this weekend. I am dying to go back to Opry Mills!

Jaime Mac said...

Never a disappointment when you all get together...
Love the pic of Brittany charging her phone! Epic!