Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hope's turn to steal thunder

Yesterday was all about spending time with Paul's grandma.
Or should I speak proper Northern, and call her 'gramma' or maybe it would be spelled 'gra-mah'? Those Northern people say things weird. (LOVE YOU NORTHERNERS)

But it was a great day with his beloved grandma.

And again, it was crazy hot.

And we spent the majority of the day sweating it out, outside.

Because Paul was on a mission.

A shoot-my-guns-show-my-nra-pride, kinda mission.

Suddenly it didn't feel like the North.

More like the deeeeep South.

Shootin' up watermelons!

Not gonna lie, I think it's hot my man can handle a gun. 

But the whole process of waiting?

It causes boredom...

But good thing for me, we are an equal opportunity shoot your guns type of family.

I think this type of gun is called a 9? Is that right? Who knows. But I dare you to shoot one and not scream or pee your pants.

I shot about three times, and was on the verge of a stoke, but thankfully there was someone who was plenty happy to take my place.

He had been waiting all day for this opportunity.

But he was struggling to hit his targets.

So maybe little sister can take a turn for a while.

I mean how good of a shot could a 6 year old possibly be?


Turns out it was Hope's turn to be stealing the thunder.

Take that stinky boys.

Kind of a perfect ending to a pretty perfect day.


Susie said...

Way to go Hope!!

Angie said...

Good Job Hope!!!
I live in the South and have never shot a gun. They scare me to death LOL

Jill said...

I love it. I used to date a guy whose family was from Michigan. I loved how they said things. And yes, the "gramma" thing I had never heard pronounced like that. Never have since. . .until your post. ;)

Jami said...

way to go Hope!

Alicia Mcafee said...

You shooting a gun in a dress. NICE!!!

Way to go Hope! :)