Monday, July 1, 2013

Jackson's Run

There's something I've never talked about on this here blog before.

  Actually, there are many things I don't talk about on my blog, I do have limits. But this thing isn't about me, and I just wanted to wait until it came to fruition. 

So my brother is in a movie. 

And he's also one of the producers. 

The movie has been four years in the making and Saturday night was the big reveal, Jackson's Run at The Palace.  Me and the friends loaded up in the family truckster and were on our merry way. OBVIOUSLY PIERCE WAS THRILLED. 

The Palace is a really nice place.

I've been there a few times before

 But I was really impressed that they pulled the premiere off there.

And there were around 3,000 people there.

 We anxiously awaited....

My camera didn't take very good pics in there, you know USER ERROR, but I did my best.

It was surreal to see my brother down there (on the left) and on the big screen. I know this is something he's dreamed of his entire life, so I'm sure it was even more surreal to him.

The movie was good! And now the hope is that it gets picked up and distributed, at least I think that's the hope? Who knows maybe Kirk Cameron will come calling you Chris. :-)

 I know it was an epic night for my brother, but it was a great night for me too!

I had spent the day with the girls doing what we do best. And I won't even type it here, because if you know us at all, you know.

But it meant a lot to me that they all wanted to go to the movie with me.

Check it, even the husbands went too!

Looks like Eric and Pierce were in cahoots.

Check out the creeper on the stairs.



Well, Steve is just a nut.

He always keeps us in stitches.

But eventually he will cooperate.

You guys, my visit here is about to come to an end! It's been packed with stuff, so it's flown by!

Thankful for that I could be here for Cody's party, Jo's surgery, and the movie.

And thankful for moments like this.


Jami said...

Cute pictures! The first one of Eric not smiling made me laugh. And... I love my shoes!! Sorry, just had to say that.

You guys should be really proud of your brother. That took a lot of hard work to write, produce, and act. It was a good movie, praying it gets picked up.

Susie said...

Congrats to you brother!! What a fun night for you all!!

Tracey said...

What a super fun weekend!! Seriously had the best time. What a great premiere for your brother. :)

We clean up good. ;)))

Jaime Mac said...

I've never known anyone who was in a movie.... & technically I don't know your brother but details schemetails. I know the SISTER of someone in a movie. Close enough! You gals looked fab! Love all the fun pics.

Hillary said...

AMAZING! What is the movie about?


Alicia Mcafee said...

What a fun night!!!!