Friday, July 26, 2013

In which I admit I'm a ninny

When it comes to my parenting skills I do my best to be a chill, laid-back kind of mom, but as hard as I try, I think I can generally be summed up as this:


And sometimes I need little GIANT nudges pushes to quit being a being ninny and let my kids do their thing.

For example: I still had Hope in swimmies last summer, and it was Brittany who was like, "girl you need to take those things off and teach her how to swim!" On the outside I agreed, but inside I was hoping to have her in swimmies till she was like 15.



And of course once I took the swimmies off, she took to it right away.

And then this summer it was Brittany again who made me realize I needed to back off my ninny game.

It was just a week or so ago that they took Luke's training wheels off his bike, and guess who is riding his bike like a dude, AT JUST THREE YEARS OLD? Yeah.


Okay I get it, it's time.

Hope had already made some progress on Luke's bike, but it wasn't really official until we took the wheels off of her bike.

Of course it was a little touch and go at first.

But with tears in her eyes she gritted her teeth and was determined to get it.

And in just a matter of minutes she had it down, and off she went with her neon-sign brother. 

I know this is a little blurry, but that expression on her face? SO, SO EXCITED.

Maybe I keep all these "baby" things on her longer because she is my baby, and somehow I'm trying to keep her that? I don't know.

But this smile makes it all okay.


Jami said...

If you're a ninny, then what am I? Cooper still has training wheels too, but he didn't learn to a ride a bike until 4 either. And Cameron can't do a training wheel bike either.
It's all about the kid, not the mom.

Alicia Mcafee said...


Daniel is this person for me. He's like "Umm honey. They need to be giving themselves a bath....brushing their own teeth.....getting themselves dressed." I'm like "But I LIKE doing those things." Sigh. Stinks they have to grow up. :(

Hillary said...

Oh my gosh girl! You are SO NOT A NINNY. My kids don't even have bikes because we have no sidewalks and ohmygoshtheywillgethurtorworse. I just can't wrap my head around trying to chase they through the streets of my neighborhood by myself! I know they need them (hello Christmas) but I'm just so scared!

Tracey said...

So fun! Glad we got to see her do it for a little bit.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Hope looks SO PROUD! Love to see her experiencing such a big "first."

Susie said...

I agree with Jami!! When the child is ready then progress!

Brittany said...

You are funny :)))

Hope is a professional swimmer and bike rider now! She's awesome!

the lewis gang said...

hold on to that baby as long as you can!! my mom did for me and i plan on it for maz!! it goes by just too quickly!! and i LOVE that pic of her that is blurry. it is pure bliss to her! love that!!

Jessica said...

You are awesome Hope! I showed Sydney this and it helped inspire her to go for it :) Way to go!

Jessica said...

You are awesome Hope! I showed Sydney this and it helped inspire her to go for it :) Way to go!