Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paul answers

So my lake post still isn't finished. I JUST DON'T HAVE THE GUMPTION.

Instead of making myself do it, I decided now is a perfect time to steal an idea from Katherine. She did this post a few weeks back and I really enjoyed it, so now it's Paul's turn.

1) How long have we been married?
10 years.

(Literally that's all he said. His answer is correct, but what's with the brevity?)

2) Where was our first date?
Don Pablos.

(Again, that's all he said and he is correct again. It all started over chips and salsa.)

3) Where was our first kiss?
I have no idea!

(YOU GUYS, apparently he's super nostalgic about us. Oy. But never fear, I remember. First time I thought he was going to kiss me and I asked him, "are you going to kiss me?" as he stood an inch from my face, and he said NO and walked away. Something about he wouldn't kiss me until I was ready to publicly be his girlfriend, or something like that.  But that strong front only lasted one day, he kissed me the next night in his backyard.)

4) Who said I love you first?
I did. When I said it, I have no idea.

(It was about this time I started to have a meltdown, HE DOESN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING! But I actually don't remember when he told me either.)

5) When did you know you wanted to marry me?
Still don't have the answer to that one! Actually I have no clue! That was over 12 years ago!

(Clearly he thinks he's hilarious, and clearly he remembers nothing.)

6) What was your favorite thing about our wedding?
When we held hands around the door but still didn't see each other.

(This whole reach around the door thing, was actually Paul's idea, and I thought it was very sweet.)

7) What will I say was the least favorite thing about our wedding?
Dealing with family.


8) Best meal I've ever made you?
Anytime you cooked me my venison.

(You know I don't do this enough, because I don't enjoy making it. I should work on that)

9) Worst meal I've ever made you?
You did something with chicken, and it was funky.

(That's pretty vague, but I do remember making nuggets once and I had run out of breadcrumbs and didn't realize it. I tried to wing it with some seasoning, and it did end up pretty funky indeed.)

10)  What would I say is your most annoying habit?
When I scratch my head at night?

(Yeah, that's one of them.)

11) What is your favorite thing about me?
This is something everyone is going to read, right? Okay, then I will say when you scratch my back at night.

(So his favorite thing about me can't be told actually. SORRY DAD.)

12) What is my favorite food?
Salad-Grilled Chicken.

(Yeah that's about right, but also guacamole.)

13) What is my favorite thing to do?
I actually wont say what he said first....But then he said working out.

(Yes, shopping and working out are tops. No comment on the other)

14) What makes me happiest?

(Yeah blogging is great, but it doesn't make me the happiest.)

15) How many kids did I want?

(At this point I began to complain about his blunt answers at which he told me, "I'm a dude.")

16) What's the funniest thing about me?
Your fear of bugs.

(I had no idea he thought it was funny that I'm scared of bugs)

17) What do I consider a good date?
Going out to eat, home by 8:00, me rubbing your feet, you asleep by 9:00.

(WHATEVER. Asleep by 10)

18) What would the perfect day look like for me?
Getting up and working out, having the kids at school, no laundry to do, shopping, me rubbing your feet, and you finishing the day blogging.

(There is actually a lot more to me than this, but this kind of day would be lovely)

Some of his answers were not exactly what I expected, but then again that's us.


Hillary said...

LOVE this! I am seriously going to steal this idea! Bobby has been complaining a lot lately about my blogging absence. This will shut him up. :)


Anonymous said...

#11, what's the answer to #11, only question of value, what's #11....geez, I am waiting with baited breath, #11, the world should know!!!!

Tracey said...

I think that's my favorite wedding pic of you two! :)

What a great and fun post!

Susie said...

Love this post!! Funny and cute!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

"(It was about this time I started to have a meltdown, HE DOESN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING! But I actually don't remember when he told me either.)"